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Quarterly Drawing Winners Announced

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 9, No. 1
Date: 2004

Summary: The 30 winners of the 2003 NWP Annual Meeting drawing are announced. Winners will receive a year's subscription to The Quarterly.


Congratulations to the following people, all of whom have won a year of The Quarterly! The drawing, held as part of the 2003 National Writing Project Annual Meeting, celebrated 30 years of the writing project with a winner for every year. Names were drawn at random from hundreds of entries.

By now, most winners have received word of their good fortune by either email or phone, but if you see your name below and have not heard from us, please contact the editors. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Susan Al-Jarrah, Oklahoma State University Writing Project

Wendy Baudoin, Acadiana Writing Project, Louisiana

Deborah Beis, Western New York Writing Project

Karen Bledsoe, Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University

Carlin Borsheim, Michigan

Cheryl Canada, Mid Ohio Writing Project

Diana H. Clay, Marshall University Writing Project, West Virginia

Rebecca Dierking, Prairie Lands Writing Project, Missouri

Carol Drinkwater, Central Washington Writing Project

Michael Friend, Eastern Oregon University Writing Project

Jan Hamilton, San Diego Area Writing Project, California

Tiffany Henderson, Lowcountry Writing Project, South Carolina

Crystal Kennedy, Santa Cruz Writing Project, California

Barbara Mann, Northern Kentucky University Writing Project

Amy L. McElroy, Marshall University Writing Project, West Virginia

Kara Moloney, Northern Nevada Writing Project

Mary Monroe, Redwood Writing Project, California

Deborah Peters, Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project, Pennsylvania

Ruie Pritchard, Capital Area Writing Project at NCSU, North Carolina

Erika Rench, Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College

Rosie Roppel, Alaska State Writing Consortium

Judy Sewell, National Writing Project at Kent State University, Ohio

Ronda Stevens, Wiregrass Writing Project, Alabama

Lori Wallin, Northwest Inland Writing Project, Idaho

Amour Wetz, Central Texas Writing Project

Raena Wharton, Central Texas Writing Project

Lynn Williams, Greater New Orleans Writing Project, Louisiana

Shari Williams, Little Rock Writing Project, Arkansas

Kathy Woods, Oklahoma Writing Project

Ginger L. Worthing, Delta Area Writing Project, Mississippi

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