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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 9, No. 1
Date: 2004

Redwood Writing Project

Susan Bennett, director, was named chair of the English Department at Humboldt State University beginning fall semester 2004.

San Diego Area Writing Project
Rachel Bronwyn, 1997 fellow, and Lance Keller, 2000 fellow, received National Board certification. Both Bronwyn and Keller teach English at Orange Glen High School in Escondido.

Jane E. Hindman, 2002 fellow, was selected guest editor for the September 2003 issue of College English 66 (1). Hindman is associate professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at San Diego State University.

Zenaida Rosario, 1997 fellow, was named one of four San Diego County Teachers of the Year in October 2003. Zenaida is also a finalist for California State Teacher of the Year. Zenaida teaches a bilingual third grade class at La Mirada Elementary School in San Ysidro.

Georgia Southern Writing Project

Kathy Albertson, director, and Alisa Daniel, co-director, had their poems published in the Georgia Council of Teachers of English anthology, Shout Them from the Mountain Tops: Georgia Poems. Daniel’s poem is titled “The Preacher’s Wife,” and Albertson’s poem is titled “Tradition.”

Nancy Dessommes, 2000 fellow, had her article “Echoes of an Institute: Veterans of the National Writing Project Reflect Upon Returning to Graduate School” published in New Horizons in Adult Education 17 (3).

Appleseed Writing Project

Glenda Moss had “Finding the Student in a High-Stakes World: A Challenge for Teachers and Test Makers” published in The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 25 (3): 7-9. Moss also had “Revolutionary Multiculturalism in U.S. Schools: Educational Leadership Reconsidered” published in the International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory & Practice 6 (2): 193-200.

National Writing Project of Acadiana

Cynthia Lassalle, 2001 fellow; Nettie McDaniel, 2003 fellow; and Lisa Meaux, 2003 fellow; received National Board certification.

Kevin McGowan, 2000 fellow, published a chapbook of poetry, Rubric (Pudding House Press, 2003).

Maryland Writing Project

John Barber and Robyn Jackson, 1995 fellows, have been chosen to work with Maryland Public Television on a project about teaching. Barber teaches at Fairmount-Harford High School in Baltimore, and Jackson teaches at Gaithersburg High School in Montgomery County.

Dottie Hardin, 1986 fellow, was selected Maryland High School Principal of the Year 2003. Hardin is the principal at Pikesville High in Baltimore.

Jennifer Morrison, 2003 fellow, received the Paul and Keith Farmer Writing Award at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Convention in November 2003.

Susy Sayre, 1998 fellow, received the Lecturer Excellence Award from the College of Business and Economics at Towson University.

Minnesota Writing Project

Melissa Borgmann, 2001 fellow, presented a session, “What Does It Take for Communities to Thrive?: Student Artistic Responses to a Philosophical Question,” at the NCTE Convention in San Francisco in November 2003. Borgmann presented this session again, as well as “North High Touring Ensemble: Students Writing and Performing Original Material,” at the Minnesota Retreat for the Arts in August 2003. In addition, Borgmann read her short story, “Scotch Sundays,” and performed a monologue excerpt from her play, “Unavailable” at Intermedia Arts’ “Art of the Teacher” Show in February 2003. Lastly, Borgmann also participated in the NWP Teacher Exchange Program—spending time with the Indiana Writing Project. Borgmann, a consultant for Perpich Center for Arts Education, works with teacher/artist teams in writing curriculum and assessments.

Ann Mershon, 1999 fellow, writes a weekly column, “This & That,” for the local newspaper, the Cook County News Herald.

University of Mississippi Writing Project

Ellen Shelton, director, is a recipient of the 2003 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. Shelton teaches at Tupelo High School in Tupelo.

Montana Writing Project

Heather Bruce, director, had “In Politics, Perception Is Reality: Exploring the Backlash Rhetorics of Anti-Affirmative Action” published in Special Cluster: Backlash Rhetorics JAC (23) 1 2003: 109-136.

New Jersey
National Writing Project at Rowan University

Rebecca Brill Moody, 2003 fellow, has her poem “Four Who Graduated in 1993” forthcoming in the spring 2004 issue of Generation X.

Dean Johnson, 2003 fellow, had “Shooing at Shore: A Perfect Day, and Then Greenheads. Oh, the Agony” and “Memories of Mischief” published recently in The Philadelphia Inquirer (8/7/03 and 10/31/03). Johnson also had “Kid Stuff? Turns Out It’s a Very Hard Sell” published in the Los Angeles Times (11/26/03).

New York
Hudson Valley Writing Project

Tom Meyer, director, had “Recruitment, Induction, and Retention of ‘Academically Talented’ Urban School Teachers: Evidence from New York City,” coauthored with Chris Roellke, published in School Finance and Teacher Quality: Exploring the Connections, edited by Margaret L. Plecki and David H. Monk (Eye on Education, 2003).

Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College

Amy Ambrosio, 1999 fellow, had “Unacceptable: My School and My Students Are Labeled as Failures” published in the winter 2003 issue of Rethinking Schools (18) 1. Ambrosio attended a Power of the Pen writing retreat cosponsored by the Oregon Writing Project and Rethinking Schools. Ambrosio is a high school teacher in Portland Public Schools.

Sandra Childs and Linda Christensen, co-directors, worked with NCTE and the Annenberg Foundation on their Expanding the Canon curriculum.

Linda Christensen, co-director, coedited Rethinking School Reform: Views from the Classroom with Stan Karp (Rethinking Schools, September 2003).

Southcentral Pennsylvania Writing Project

Helen Sitler, director, had her essay, “Halloween Ghoul,” published in the 2003 edition of The Loyalhanna Review.

South Dakota
Dakota Writing Project

Sherri Becker, 2002 fellow, was a recipient of the 2003 Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. Becker teaches eighth grade language arts in Mitchell.

Connie Krueger, 1987 fellow, was named South Dakota English Teacher of 2003. Krueger was also honored with a page-long tribute by Senator Tim Johnson in The Congressional Record (April 11, 2003). Krueger teaches at Rapid City Central High School.

Puget Sound Writing Project

Bonnie Campbell Hill published Developmental Continuums: A Framework for Literacy Instruction and Assessment K-8 (Christopher-Gordon, April 2001).

Douglas Selwyn, 1997 fellow, and Jan Maher, an open-institute participant, coauthored History in the Present Tense: Engaging Students Through Inquiry and Action (Heinemann, August 2003).

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