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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 6, No. 1
Date: January-February 2001

Summary: Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications.



Mobile Bay Writing Project

Carol Case, 2000 Fellow, published her poem "Field Manual for M67 Fragmentation Grenade" at

Tracey Williams, 2000 Fellow from John Will Elementary School, and Ardith Goodwin, 1999 Fellow from Baker Elementary School, received National Board Certification in November 2000.


Alaska State Writing Consortium

Pat Truman, Board Member from Palmer Junior Middle School, was selected as the 2001 Alaska Teacher of the Year.


Southern Arizona Writing Project

Nancy Campbell, 2000 Fellow, won first prize in the Arizona English Teachers Association "Teachers as Writers" contest for both short fiction and nonfiction with her works "Sears" and "Elephant Seal Epiphany."

Deborah Hartz, Teachers' Research and Inquiry Institute 1999 and 2000, published "Literacy Leaps as Blind Students Embrace Technology" in the November issue of English Journal.


Northwest Arkansas Writing Project

Samuel Totten, Director, had two books published on holocaust education: Teaching and Studying the Holocaust, co-edited with Stephen Feinberg, Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon Publishers, 2001; and Teaching Holocaust Literature, Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon Publishers, 2001.


San Diego Area Writing Project

Don Mayfield, 1977 Fellow, received a 2000 NCTE/SLATE Affiliate Intellectual Freedom Award. Don was nominated by California Association of Teachers of English (CATE) for his legislation and policy newsletter, CommuniCATE.

Kim Douillard, 1992 Fellow and Co-Director, and Jan Hamilton, 1997 Fellow, received a state award for Teaching Excellence at the Elementary School Level from the California Association of Teachers of English (CATE).

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project

Laurie Goodman, Associate Director from Pioneer Middle School, was selected as the Kings County Teacher of the Year.

UCLA Writing Project

Carol Jago, 1977 Fellow and Director of the California Reading and Literature Project at UCLA, has published Alice Walker in the Classroom: "Living by the Word," part of The NCTE High School Literature Series, 2000.


Delaware Writing Project

Jacklyn Shockley, 1998 Fellow from Richard Shields Elementary, received National Board Certification in November 2000.


Jaxwrite Writing Project

The JustRead program, started by 1991 Fellow Denise Rambach, won first place in the poster category from the Sunshine State School Public Relations Association. JustRead student book reviews are available at


Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project

Betsy Bunte, 1998 Fellow, was named Teacher of the Year for the Cobb County School District, one of the largest in the country. Betsy teaches English at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia.

Jennifer Scrivner, 1995 Fellow, published her article "Principals: Leaders of Leaders" in the May 2000 NASSP Bulletin, with Deborah Childs-Bowen and Gayle Moller.


Hawai`i Writing Project

Bill Teter, 1990 Fellow, has written a teacher's guide to accompany Growing Up Local (Bamboo Ridge Press, 1999), an anthology of poetry and prose from Hawaii that Bill helped to edit. The anthology, intended for classroom use, has received the Artists Embassy International Literacy/Cultural Award.

Linda Morikone, 1996 Fellow, has been awarded a Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award for excellence in teaching for her work at Noelani Elementary. She is also the current Honolulu District Teacher of the Year.

Christopher McKinney, 1998 Fellow, is a 2000 recipient of the Elliot Cades Award for Literature for a Hawaii-based writer not yet widely recognized. His novel, The Tattoo, won first place awards for Excel-lence in Literature and Excellence in Writing Litera-ture from The Hawai`i Book Publishers Association.

The Spring 2000 issue of Bamboo Ridge, The Hawaii Writers Quarterly, includes works by six Hawai`i Writing Project fellows: Cathy Ikeda, 1994 Fellow; Linda Nishioka, 1996 Fellow; Joe Tsujimoto, 1983 Fellow; Beryl Young, 1992 Fellow; Mavis Hara, 1983 Fellow; and Juliet Kono Lee, 1991 Fellow.


Northwest Inland Writing Project

Judy Bieze, 2000 Fellow, and Nancy Larsen, 1994 Fellow, both teachers in the Coeur d'Alene School District, were the Idaho Teachers of the Year for 1999 and 2000, respectively. Nancy's article about the value of working toward National Certification appeared in the November 2000 issue of NEA Today.

The following achieved National Board Certification in 2000: Andrea Wagner, 1998 Fellow; Lana Einhaus, 1998 Fellow; Jody Dickeson, 1998 Fellow; Susan Hodgin, 1992 Fellow; Carolyn Tragesser, 1982 Fellow; Duane Pitts, 1986 and 1987 Fellow; Meg Booth, 1985 Fellow; Jeanette Rogers, 2000 Fellow; and Chris Dempsey, 1993 Fellow.

Elinor Michel, Director, was given the Public Service Award for 1998-1999 by the University of Idaho College of Education.

Meredith St. Clair, 1997 Fellow, became the new principal of Whittier Elementary School in Boise, ID.


Indiana Writing Project

Anna Parks, 1998 Fellow, received National Board Certification in English/Language Arts.

Mimi Berkshire, 1995 Fellow, published "Defining Poetry: Poetry in Ninth Grade Classrooms" in Lessons: Stories from the Writing Classroom 3.2, a publication of the Indiana Teachers of Writing.

Marianne Darr Norman, Co-Director, received the Intellectual Freedom Award for Indiana at the NCTE Convention in November.

Linda Hanson, Director, received the Outstanding Scholar/Teacher 2000 award from the Indiana College English Association.

Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project

Mary B. Nicolini, Co-Director, was one of 10 state winners of the K–12, Project E Excellence in Education Teacher Award, sponsored by the Christel DeHaan Foundation, Indianapolis.

Faye A. Krouse, 1997 Fellow, received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Hungary during 1999-2000.

Co-director Herb Budden; 2000 Fellows David Sabol, Gloria Reeves, and Kate Raper; and 1998 Fellow Sabra Schlimgen were chosen to participate in an Arthur Vining Davis grant for Teacher Research. The grant is administered by the University of Georgia through the English Teachers Collaborative of Indiana University.


Louisville Writing Project

Timothy E. Johnson, Assistant Director, and Dewey Hensley, former Associate Director, received National Board Certification.

Western Kentucky University Writing Project

Alice Cantrell, 1998-99 Fellow, from Natcher Elementary School in Bowling Green, was one of four Kentucky mathematics educators who received the Mathematics Education Service and Achievement Award for outstanding work and service to the mathematics community.

Linda Webb, 1998-99 Fellow from Franklin-Simpson Middle School in Franklin, KY, was inducted into The Kentucky Speech Teacher's Hall of Fame at the 2000 State Speech Tournament.

Michelle Pedigo, 1992-93 Fellow, was named the 2001 National Principal of the Year—Middle Level, by the NASSP in October 2000. Michelle is currently Director of Secondary Education for the Barren County School District.


Maryland Writing Project

Anne Agee, 1982 Fellow, was one of 14 participants in the Association of College and Research Libraries' Think Tank III project, designed to bring together leaders in the field of information literacy with leaders in the field of instructional technology to develop an agenda for information literacy as a transformational agent in higher education.

Tom Bateman, 1988 Fellow, spoke at the National Peer Tutor Conference at Penn State, exploring conversational approaches a tutor should use when working with a writer.

Sarah Jones, 1996 Fellow, won the Tom Bernhardt Teacher of the Year award at Hartford Day School.

Joe Bellino, 1989 Fellow, received a Volunteer of the Year award from the YMCA for his work with his students at a neighborhood community center.

Barbara Bass, 1988 Fellow and Director, wrote a chapter about teaching Armistead Maupin's short fiction for the anthology Teaching Short Fiction, published by NCTE.

Kathleen Murphy, 1997 Fellow, received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Mexico in 1999 and another to study in Israel in 2000.

Chip Meister, 1993 Fellow, had his poem "Killjoy Was Here" published in Grease and Tears, the literary magazine of the Function at the Junction poetry group, Catonsville, MD, 1999 edition.

Susanne Sayre, 1998 Fellow, was promoted to a full-time lectureship position with the College of Business and Economics at Towson University.


Nebraska Writing Project

Kristine Kuhn, 2000 Fellow and Board Member from Seward High School, received the Peter Kiewitt Teacher of the Year Award for 2000.

Sharon Bishop, 1997 Fellow from Heartland Commu-nity Schools, and her students were awarded one of four national Foxfire Exemplary Classroom Awards.

Linda Beckstead, 1992 Fellow and secondary educator at Bellvue West High School, has been elected President of the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska for 2001.

Joy Ritchie, Co-Director, co-authored a book with David E. Wilson entitled Teacher Narrative as Critical Inquiry: Rewriting the Script, published by Teachers College Press, 2000.

Virginia Laughridge, 1999 Fellow, and Sandy Bangert, 1997 Fellow, presented a session on after-school writing groups at the Spencer Foundation Conference last fall in New Orleans.

Three Nebraska Writing Project fellows have been named to posts with the Nebraska State Department of Education: Pat Roschewski, 2000 Fellow, is the new State Assessment Coordinator; Sue Anderson, 1988 Fellow, is the new State Writing Assessment Coordinator; and Kim Larson, 1995 Fellow, is the new State Director of Language Arts.

New Mexico

High Plains Writing Project

Patsy Neely, 2000 Fellow, had her article, "Teaching Tolerence," chosen for publication at

Mellinee Lesley, Acting Director and 1992 West Texas Writing Project Fellow, has had an article entitled "Developmental Reading and Critical Literacy" accepted for publication in a future issue of The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.


Northeast Ohio Writing Project

The following earned National Board Certification in November 2000: Colleen Ruggieri, 1998 Fellow; Deb DeBenedictis, 1997 Fellow; Barbara Smith, 2000 Fellow; and Darla Wagner, Co-Director.

Six NOWP fellows had poems published in the recent issues of Ohio Teachers Write: Barbara Smith, 2000 Fellow; Deb DeBenedictis, 1997 Fellow; June Bolenbaugh, 1998 Fellow; Terry Murcko, 1998 Fellow; Bonnie Molnar, 1998 Fellow; and Pauline Beck, 1997 Fellow.

Bryan Bardine, 1997 Fellow; Cory Campbell, 1999 Fellow; Nicole McBurney, 2000 Fellow; and Colleen Ruggieri, 1998 Fellow, had articles accepted for publication in English Journal.

Chris McKeon, 1997 Fellow, won the National College Reading Association Dissertation Award. Chris also had her NOWP-based article published in The Ohio Journal of English Language Arts.

Alison Baer, 1997 Fellow, has been elected to the position of Vice President in the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts.

Terry Murcko, 1998 Fellow, is the incoming co-editor of Ohio Teachers Write.

Julie Muruskin, 1999 Fellow, has been appointed Language Arts Coordinator for the Portage County Schools.


Oklahoma State University Writing Project

The following eight Oklahoma State University Writing Project Fellows received National Board Certification as part of the class of 2000: Judy Jenlink, 1992 Fellow; Linda Fraceck, Chicago Area Writing Project Fellow, adopted in 1995; Sandy Jones, 1994 Fellow; Sharon McFerron, 1996 Fellow; Diane Cox, 1997 Fellow; Clara Southerland, 1994 Fellow; Susan Battershell, 1999 Fellow; and Dana Brown, 1999 Fellow.


Oregon Writing Project at Southern Oregon University

Director Charlotte Hadella's book, Warm Springs Millennium: Voices from the Reservation, co-authored with Michael Baughman, was published by the University of Texas Press, 2000. Charlotte teaches English education and Native American literature and supervises student teachers.

Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University

Glen L. Bledsoe, 1996 Fellow, and his wife, Karen, have finished their ninth published book, Biking Adventures, for Capstone Press. This is the fourth title they've written for the company.

Dave Bertholf, 1999 Fellow, received the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award for excellence in teaching. The award included a $25,000 prize.Dave is currently a fifth grade teacher at Clear Lake Elementary School in Keizer, OR, and was also the recipient of the Oregon Teacher of the Year Award in 1998-99.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Writing Project

Janine Napolitano Howarth, 1996 Fellow and Executive Board member, won the Rhode Island Department of Education's Commissioner's Award for Outstanding Educators this fall.

Helene Scola, 1996 Fellow from the Washington Oak Embedded Institute, won Wal-Mart's Teacher of the Year Award for 2000.

Betty Angelotti, 1997 Fellow from Clayville Elementary School, received National Board Certification in November 2000.

South Carolina

Lowcountry Writing Project

Debi Dye and Lisa Rudd, both Fellows from the former Charleston Area Writing Project (CAWP), received National Board Certification in November 2000.

Swamp Fox Writing Project

Michelle Davis, a fourth grade teacher at Kingstree Elementary School, received National Board Certification. She is also one of five teachers in her district to win a district-wide technology grant, including a new computer, printer, and digital camera.


Capital Writing Project

Patricia H. Perry, Director, published A Composition of Consciousness: Roads of Reflection from Freire to Elbow, Peter Lang Publishing, 2000.

Southwest Virginia Writing Project

Patricia Baldwin, 1990 Fellow from the Radford City Public Schools, and Leslie Lucas, 1992 Fellow from New Hanover County (NC), received National Board Certification in November 2000.


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