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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 5, No. 5
Date: November-December 2000

Summary: Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications.



Mobile Bay Writing Project

Molly Wagner, 1998 Fellow, received St. Paul Episcopal School's first Faculty Recognition Award of $2,500 for professional development. Molly's article “Changing Places” was published in The Independent Connection, Spring/Summer 2000.

Ardith Goodwin, 1999 Fellow, of Baker Elementary School was named Mobile County Elementary Teacher of the Year for 1999-2000.

Sandra Sprinkle, 1999 Fellow, of Mary Montgomery High School was named Mobile County Secondary Teacher of the Year.

Dannette Collins, 1999 Fellow, was named Teacher of the Year for A. W. Holloway Elementary School.

Carol Case, 2000 Fellow, published her poem “The Christening” in Ordinary and Sacred as Blood: Alabama Women Speak, Mary Carol Moran, editor.


Greater Phoenix Area Writing Project

Codirector Marsha Harrison, 1999 Fellow, has had her dissertation on “The Transformational Power of Storytelling” accepted for publication by Peter Lang Publishing of New York, Fall 2001.

Maria Exposito Glass, 1997 Fellow, has had her novel Sun and Shade accepted for publication by Erica House Publishers. The novel grew from her work in the GPAWP Summer Institute.

Director G. Lynn Nelson's article “Warriors with Words: Toward a Post-Columbine Writing Curriculum” has been selected as the winner in the English Journal's Edwin M. Hopkins Award competition for the most outstanding article.


Northwest Arkansas Writing Project

Lacinda Files, Betsy Penix, Lynette Terrell, 1997 Fellows, received a grant from to publish the Kidswrite 2000 anthology. The book can be viewed online at

Sam Totten, Director, published “The Critical Need to Teach the Holocaust in a Historically Accurate and Pedagogically Sound Manner” in The Holocaust's Ghost: Writings on Art, Politics, Law and Education, F. C. DeCoste and Bernard Schwartz, editors, University of Alberta Press, 2000.

Tim McGinn, 1997 Fellow, conducted a poetry writing workshop at the Rogers Public Library for 16 public school students.


Inland Area Writing Project

Stephanie Elliott published “It's a Pirate's Life for Me — My Calling to Be an English Teacher” in California English, Fall 2000.

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project

Charles West, 1982 Fellow, won the first annual Salvo Press Mystery Novel Award for his novel The Sacred Disc.

South Coast Writing Project

Tory Babcock, 1998 Fellow, was selected as the Year 2000 Teacher of the Year in Santa Barbara County. She presently teaches at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School.

Sheridan Blau, Director, and Melanie Sperling contributed the chapter “What Will Shape the Teaching of Writing in the New Millenium” in Comprehensive School Reform: A Program Perspective, J. Block, S. Everson, T. Guskey, editors, Kendall Hunt, 2000.

Five SCWP Fellows published articles in Primary Voices, Vol. 7, No. 3, January 1999: Carol Dixon, 1979 Fellow, with Carolyn Frank, 1996 Fellow, and Judith Green, “Classrooms as Cultures: Understanding the Constructed Nature of Life in Classrooms”; Beth Yeager, 1989 Fellow, “Constructing a Community of Inquirers”; Lois Brandts, 1984 Fellow, “Are Pullout Programs Sabotaging Classroom Community in our Elementary Schools?”; Eileen Craviotto, 1993 Fellow, coauthor, “Cultures of the Fourth-Grade Bilingual Classroom.”

Carolyn Frank, 1996 Fellow and Central Los Angeles WP Codirector, has published an article with Carol Dixon, a founding 1979 Fellow, and Lois Brandts, 1984 Fellow and SCWP Codirector, in The Reading Teacher, February 2001, titled “Bears, Trolls, and Pagemasters: Learning about Learners in Book Clubs.”

Valerie Hobbs, 1981 Fellow, published an article in Voices from the Middle, Vol. 8, No. 1, September 2000 titled, “Learning Writing: Lessons from a National Writing Project Fellow.” This year, she published a new book, Charlie's Run, with Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Lorraine Nelson, 1991 Fellow, was selected as the 2000 Teacher of the Year in Ventura County.

Amada Perez, 1998 Fellow, published her bilingual book, My Very Own Room (Mi Propio Cuartito), which she wrote during her 1998 Summer Institute, with Children's Book Press.


Delaware Writing Project

Debbie Brady became assistant principal at Linden Hill Elementary School.

Christine Poehlmann received National Board Certification in November, 1999.

Sharon Crossen presented a workshop, “Drama in the Classroom to Improve Writing Skills,” at the SREB Conference on High Schools That Work, in Nashville this summer.

District of Columbia

D.C. Area Writing Project

G. Vernon White, 1999 Fellow, was honored as Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the District of Columbia Ward Five Council on Education.

Bernarda N. Tally, 1995 Fellow, was selected as a member of the Textbook Adoption Committee and a cohort instructor for Division II of the D.C. Public School System.

Consentine Morgan, 2000 Fellow, won a grand prize in the Ace-Intel Program to integrate technology into the curriculum. Consentine was selected to present her winning lesson plan in Atlanta at the 2000 National Educational Computing Conference. In addition, she was appointed academic dean at Ballou Senior High School.

The DCAWP Project Outreach Team was selected to participate in an educational outreach project for educators in Israel. Participating were Elizabeth Davis, 1995 Fellow; Audrey Hawkins, 1995 Fellow; Cynthia Henderson, 1995 Fellow; and Judith Kelly, 1995 Fellow. Maurice Butler, 1996 Fellow, who was unable to participate, was invited to present at the next conference.

A team of DCAWP TCs conducted a workshop, “What Works in Urban Classrooms: A University Partnership That Uses Writing to Honor the Voices of Diverse Student Populations,” at the Fourth International Conference for Global Conversation on Language and Literacy. Participants included Gwendolyn Alexander (formerly of Catholic U WP); Patricia Bradford (formerly of NVWP); Sandra Byrd, 1999 Fellow; Elizabeth Davis, Cynthia Henderson, Judith Kelly, 1995 Fellows; and Beverly Rubain, 1996 Fellow.


Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project

Betsy Bunte, 1999 Fellow, has been named Teacher of the Year for the Cobb County School District in metro Atlanta, one of the largest school districts in the nation.

Mimi Dyer, 1996 Fellow, was named English chair for the brand new Kennesaw Mountain High School, a technology magnet school in Kennesaw, GA.


Hawai'i Writing Project

Robert deLoach, 1991 Fellow, has received the Board of Regents Medal of Teaching Excellence for 1999–2000 at Windward Community College.

Claire Griffin, 1987 Fellow, has been accepted into the American Fellows Program with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


Illinois Writing Project

Harvey (Smokey) Daniels, Marilyn Bizar, and Steve Zemelman are authors of Rethinking High School: Best Practice in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, a new book published by Heinemann.


Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project

Mary Nicolini, Codirector, is one of ten recipients of the first annual Project-E Teacher Awards for her efforts in improving education.

Several TCs are participating this year in teacher-research projects through PorTRAIT (Practitioner or Teacher Researchers as Inquiring Travelers), a project funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and coordinated by the University of Georgia: Herb Budden, Codirector; Janet Johnson, 2000 Fellow; Sarah Erb, 1996 Fellow; Sabra Schlimgen, 1998 Fellow; and Kate Raper, David Sabol, and Gloria Reeves, 2000 Fellows.

Indiana Writing Project

Several TCs are working with the All Write!!! Project of northeastern Indiana: Laurie Steill, 1991 Fellow, and Tammy Taylor, 1999 Fellow, are mentors/coaches; Paulette Bannec, 2000 Fellow, will host a demonstration site; Marianne Darr Norman, 1992 Fellow and Codirector of IWP, is the coordinator of the project.


Purchase Area Writing Project

Sarah Oliver, 1999 Fellow, received the Al Crabb Award at the Kentucky Council Teachers of English/Language Arts annual conference, February 2000. This award honors an individual with three or fewer years of teaching experience.

Western Kentucky University Writing Project

Melinda Campbell, a teacher at Barren County High School, was recently recognized for the second time in Who's Who Among American High School Teachers. During the last two summers, she received Outstanding Educator Awards from the Kentucky Governors' Scholars Program.

Donna Vincent, Codirector, created a Kentucky Educational Television videotape series entitled “Balancing Reading and Writing.” The tapes featured Tara Whitmer and her 4th–6th grade students at Graham Elementary School.


Boston Writing Project

John Clancy, 1996 Fellow, who teaches at the Shaw Middle School in Boston, won a Golden Apple Award in Spring, 2000.

Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Codirector Bruce Penniman, 1994 Fellow, was given an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, this spring by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Bruce has also been elected president of the New England Association of Teachers of English.

Diana Callahan, 1993 Fellow, with Bruce Penniman, was named in June 2000 one of three recipients of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's Community Partnership Award.

Gail Gilman, 1993 Fellow, was given one of five Educator of the Year awards by the Tri-Community Area Chamber of Commerce. Gail teaches at Brimfield Elementary School.

Bonnie Moriarty, 1995 Fellow, has been named one of six Distinguished Teachers by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.


Eastern Michigan Writing Project

Paige Webster, 1993 Fellow, won first place for short fiction for her story “Mockingbirds” in the Ann Arbor magazine Current.

Dawn Putnam, 1997 Fellow, published an article based on her research in her writing classes at Chelsea High School. “Written Reflection: Creating Better Writers, Better Thinkers” appeared in the September 2000 English Journal.


Minnesota Writing Project

Mike Kluznik, 1996 Fellow, had a guest column, “Performance Critics Overreacting,” on the use and misuse of high-stakes tests, published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (8/11/00). It appeared opposite an opposing piece by James B. Hunt, governor of North Carolina. Kluznik also published several poems and essays in River Images, and was one of three judges for the St. Paul American Association of University Women's annual poetry contest.


Missouri Writing Project

Stephanie Walter, 1999 Fellow, received the Columbia for Academic Excellence Award for middle and junior high school teachers in the Columbia Public School district for the 1999–2000 school year.

Val Garton, 1999 Fellow, was appointed the secondary language arts coordinator for the Columbia Public School District, beginning fall 2000.

Director Roy Fox; Assistant Codirector Janet Alsup, 1996 Fellow; Assistant Codirector Lucy Stanovick, 1995 Fellow; Susan Baruffi, 1995 Fellow; Patrick Shaw, 1995 Fellow; and Jill Weisner, 1997 Fellow, have just released a new book, UpDrafts: Case Studies of Teacher Renewal, published by NCTE, 2000. Each contributed a chapter to the book, which Fox edited.

Prairie Lands Writing Project

Connie Dow, 1989 Fellow and teacher at Central Accelerated School in Chillicothe, won two competitive grants from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the 2000–2001 school year.

Keith Rhodes, 2000 Fellow and Director of Developmental Writing and Placement at Missouri Western State, has published an article, “Marketing Composition for the 21st Century,” in the Spring 2000 issue of Writing Program Administration, Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators.

Jane Frick, Director and English professor and chair at Missouri Western State, has received a College Funding for Results Incentive Grant designed to improve preservice English teachers' skills in developing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of integrated language teaching units.

Stacy Cole, 1999 Fellow and seventh-grade teacher for the Avenue City School District, was selected from more than 95 applicants by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to serve as a Select Teacher as Regional Resource (STAR) educator.

New York

New York City Writing Project

David Johnson, 1993 Fellow and a social studies teacher at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens, NY, was nominated for inclusion in the 2000 edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers. David was also listed among the 1998 nominees.

Sally O'Connell, 1998 Fellow, was named Teacher of the Year in Alternative School Programs in New York City public schools.

NYCWP has published two monographs: A Professional Community at Work: The New York City Writing Project at Theodore Roosevelt High School, by Nancy Wilson; and Literature for My Classroom: What's Out There?, an annotated bibliography compiled by participants in NYC Writing Project Advanced Summer Seminars, 1996–1998.

North Dakota

Red River Valley Writing Project

In October 2000, the second edition of Teaching Secondary English: Readings and Applications, by Dan Sheridan, Director, was published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


Northeast Ohio Writing Project

Nancy Bush, 1997 Fellow, was honored with Keith Manos from Richmond Heights as OCTELA's Outstanding High School English Teacher for 2000 and presented “Multigenre Papers: Student Tested, Teacher Approved” at the OCTELA fall conference.

Virginia Sbrocco, 1997 Fellow, became a Martha Holden Jennings Scholar.

Janie Reinart, 1998 Fellow, had her poem “Marked for Life” accepted for publication in the anthology Bearing Witness: Poems by Teachers About Teaching (working title).

1997 Fellow Chris McKeon's article on literacy has been published in the Ohio Journal of English Language Arts.

1997 Fellow Deb DeBenedictis's poem, “Who's Watching the Children,” was published in Ohio Teachers Write, October 2000.

Gina Lewandowski, 1997 Fellow, won the Columbiana County's Best Practices Teacher Award for Best Practice in Foreign Languages in the Elementary School last spring. Lewandowski was also inducted into Phi Beta Delta at Youngstown State University.

Donna Marie Colonna, 1999 Fellow, was appointed visiting assistant professor of reading at the University of Akron.

Brian Bardine, 1997 Fellow, had his article “Beyond the Red Pen,” coauthored with his wife, Molly, published in the English Journal.


Oklahoma Writing Project

Johnnie Keel, 1997 Fellow, and her daughter Lori Newmark, 2000 Fellow, became the first mother-daughter duo in the nation to receive simultaneous National Board Certification.


Oregon Writing Project

Timothy Cate, 1993 Fellow, had an article, “ `This Is Cool!' Multigenre Research Reports,” published in The Social Studies, May/June 2000.


Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project

Wendy Towle, 1988 Fellow, has an article entitled “The Reading Workshop: A Framework for Differentiated Learning” in the September 2000 issue of Educational Leadership.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Writing Project

Fellows Pam Fracareta and Deborah Phillips, both teachers at Burrillville Middle School, were awarded the Farmer Award from NCTE for their article “Writing with a Writer's Notebook,” published in the July 2000 edition of the English Journal.

South Carolina

Spartanburg Writing Project

Codirector Edwin Epps, 1983 Fellow, compiled “Under the Moon and the Palmetto,” an overview of SC literature for the NCTE US Literary Map project, published online at

Swamp Fox Writing Project

Susan Rae, 1999 Fellow, has published “Express Yourself in Color,” in Ideas Plus, August 2000.

Carolyn Stroup, 1999 Fellow, has been named literacy coordinator for Florence County District One.

Suzanne Cherry, Director, has published “Connection South Carolina Schools and the American Red Cross” in the South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators Journal.

South Dakota

The Dakota Writing Project

Sue Morrell, 1988 Fellow, was one of the five featured writers at the NCTO/NWP Y2K Conference on Literacy Education in Fargo, ND, thanks to a grant from the South Dakota Humanities Council. Ann Haggerty, 1997 Fellow; Sally Miller, 1998 Fellow; Nancy Kampfe, 1998 Fellow; Lisa Swanson, 1999 Fellow; and Nancy Zuercher, Director, also presented sessions, which grew from their Summer Institute demonstrations.

Mary Warner, 1995 Fellow, edited Winning Ways of Coaching Writing: A Practical Guide for Teaching Writing, Grades 6-12. Mary, along with Teresa Berndt, 1998 Fellow; Nancy Zuercher; and Stewart Bellman, Director Emeritus, contributed chapters to the book, coming from Allyn & Bacon in 2001.


Central Virginia Writing Project

Director Emeritus Joseph Strzepek; Codirector Jeff Newton, 1991 Fellow; and Dan Walker have published “Teaching English in the Block,” Eye on Education, 2000.

Pat Harder, 1997 Fellow and Codirector, became a master teacher through The National Teacher Training Institute for Math, Science and Technology in the first year in which English was included. Pat also was the recipient of a $10,000 Technology Instructional Initiative Grant offered through her county.

Northern Virginia Writing Project

Mary Tedrow, 1998 Fellow, was named Frederick County Teacher of the Year.

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