National Writing Project

Twenty-Five Years of Making a Difference

By: Art Peterson
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 4, No. 2
Date: September-October 1999

Summary: This account of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the California Writing Project reports on the successful aspects of the CWP and NWP, particularly the insistence that "teachers are our best resource and our best hope to rethink and reshape education."



In a brief essay celebrating the 25th anniversary of the California Writing Project (CWP), Lois Brandts of the South Coast Writing Project points out that streaking was a major fad in 1974. Coincidentally, Brandts writes, 1974 was also the year "Twenty-five exemplary teachers of writing gathered at UC Berkeley in a summer institute led by James Gray."

In retrospect, streaking appears a minor, if bizarre, blip on the radar screen of 20th century cultural events while the Berkeley meeting, as Brandts points out, "was the beginning of a power model in the teaching profession that spread to many other sites in California and eventually throughout the country."

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