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Listen to the Rural Voices

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 2, No. 2
Date: Fall 1997

Summary: Supported by a grant from the Annenberg Rural Challenge, Rural Voices, Country Schools is capturing effective teaching and learning practices in rural schools in order to make quality rural education visible locally, regionally, and nationally.



Listen to the small voices, trust the process, and listen to the children. These phrases echo in my mind as I watch Sara's and Jennifer's hands emphasize every point. The fifth grade girls kneel in their chairs, feet flopping over the backs, brunette hair blending against stark blond as they work on peer revision.

'You might want to add a prepositional phrase to this sentence to tell what the hair looked like in your poem,' Jennifer suggests as they read the poem again...This is a peek at the documentation and public engagement program which is Rural Voices, Country Schools where rural teacher consultants from six rural writing project sites are looking deep within classroom processes and recording victories.

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