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Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 5, No. 1
Date: January-February 2000

State Site Award or Accolade
?   Dr. Laura Gray-Rosendale's book Rethinking Basic Writing: Exploring Identity, Politics, and Communty in Interaction has just been published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates in Mahwah, New Jersey. In this book Gray-Rosendale examines gaps in the scholarship in basic writing ("remedial writers"), creates a new analytic model for examining how Basic Writers interact with each other through writing and speech, and examines the work of Basic Writers in a peer revision group. In her analyses, Gray-Rosendale takes up issues related to how the students establish their identities in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender. Keith Gilyard has written the foreword and Victor Villanueva has written the epilogue.

AR Northwest Arkansas Writing Project Betsy Penix, 1997 Fellow and a Gifted and Talented Facilitator for Springdale Public Schools, recently returned from Japan where she traveled as a Fulbright Teacher Program Fellow. Along with 200 other teachers from across the United States, Penix spent three weeks as a guest of the Japanese government learning about Japanese education and culture.

Director Samuel Totten served as an associate editor of the recently released Encyclopedia of Genocide (ABC Clio Press, December 1999). Totten contributed ten entries to the encyclopedia: first-person accounts of genocide, frivolous use of the term genocide, Holocaust education, genocide education, literary accounts of genocide, films on genocide, films on biological and chemical warfare, the arrest of Pinochet, literary accounts of the Holocaust and organizations that address the issue of genocide.

AZ Southern Arizona Writing Project Pat Garrison, 1999 Fellow, is a semi-finalist in the International Poetry Contest for her poem "The Mariner's Villanelle Tale." She will be published in their anthology in April 2000.
CA San Diego Area WP Five San Diego Area Writing Project Fellows have recently received certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards:

Katherine Hess, 1999 Fellow and second grade teacher, received her certification in 1998. Kathy is a BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) teacher with her district and a member of the CTA, San Diego Education Association and the NEA.

Karen Wroblewski, 1989 Fellow and co-director, received her certification this year. Karen is a high school English teacher and department chair at San Diego High School. Karen is a member of the NWP Focus on Standards inquiry group, a partnership coordinator for the SDAWP at Crawford High School, and SDAWP liaison to the Greater San Diego Council of Teachers of English and CATE. She is also participating this year in the CWP's Subject A Evaluation Study.

Blaze Newman, 1989 Fellow, received her certification this year. Blaze is a high school English teacher at San Dieguito Academy. Blaze has been a teacher leader with the Young Writers' Camp since its inception in 1996. She coaches the Academic Decathlon team at her high school and is a member of the Greater San Diego Council of Teachers of English.

Bob McHeffey, 1994 Fellow, received his certification this year. Bob is a high school English teacher at Poway High School. Bob is founder and co-director of the SDAWP's Young Writers' Camp. Three of Bob's poems were featured in the Spring 1999 issue of Poem a publication of the Huntsville Literary Association.

Jennifer Moore, 1999 Fellow, received her certification this year. Jenny is a middle school humanities teacher at Coronado Middle School. She is participating in the teacher research inquiry group at the SDAWP this year and recently made her first presentation as a teacher consultant for the SDAWP.

Also at the SDAWP:

Katrine Czajkowski, 1994 Fellow, was chosen 1998 Teacher of the Year at Mar Vista High School. Katrine has since become the Chapter 1 Resource Specialist at Chula Vista High School.

SDAWP Fellows Kim Douillard (1992) and Jan Hamilton (1997) team teach in a multiage (grades 1, 2, 3) classroom at Cardiff Elementary School, and were awarded the 1999 San Diego Earth Works Award for their classroom's contribution to "Environmental Action and Restoration That Helps," in the Youth Stewardship category. Kim is the SDAWP's Staff Development Coordinator, K-6, coordinator of the teacher research inquiry group and co-director of the Young Writers' Camp. Jan is the co-coordinator for the SDAWP's Writing in Science open program and a member of the teacher research inquiry group.

GA South Georgia Writing Project Kelsie Mitchell, 1999 Fellow and math teacher at Cook High School in Adel, Georgia, was named Teacher of the Year for Cook County. He also presented a paper at the 1999 Georgia Teachers of Mathematics Conference for the second year.
IL Illinois State Writing Project Director Janice Neuleib, professor of English and director of Writing Programs at Illinois State University, received the Life Member Award from the Illinois Association of Teachers of English at their annual fall conference. This award is given each year to an English educator in Illinois who has served the organization in exceptional ways.
IN Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project Mary B. Nicolini, 1993 Fellow and current co-director, published "Pictures of an Exhibition: Senior Graduation Exit Projects as Authentic Research" in the September 1999 issue of the English Journal.
IN Indiana Writing Project Director Linda Hanson was named the Ball State University Outstanding Faculty Member in August at the University Faculty Meeting. Linda is also the network director for the NWP sites in Indiana.
KY Louisville Writing Project Dawn Scanlon won the Excel Award in teaching.

Three LWP Fellows won awards in a prestigious citywide poetry contest sponsored by Leo, a Louisville arts publication. Sam Bracken won honorable mention for his poem, "Deference." Steve Smith won the Editor's Award for "Channeling Miles Davis at First and Oak." Dewey Hensley, associate director, won the grand prize for "Taken for Granite."

MA Western Massachusetts Writing Project Michael Silverstone, 1999 Fellow and teacher at Wildwood Elementary School, published his book Rigoberta Menchu : Defending Human Rights in Guatemala, (The Feminist Press).
MI Crossroads Writing Project Lynn Chrenka, co-director and a former Red Cedar Writing Project TC has contributed the essay "The Electronic Journal: Zapping the Fears of Reluctant Writers" to The Journal Book: For Teachers of At-Risk College Writers, (Heinemann 1999).
MI Red Cedar Writing Project Joyce Benvenuto, 1994 Fellow, received a $1400 grant from the Foundation for Haslett Public Schools.

Gloria Nixon John, 1993 Fellow, wrote Designs in Writing with Design Michigan at Cranbrook Institute of Art and Project teachers. The book will be published in spring, 2000, and attempts to merge design theory and writing in a cross-disciplinary fashion.

James Pence, 1995 Fellow, works for National Geographic in Washington DC. James was part of a team that developed and wrote 20 lessons and a teacher's guide to the Complete National Geographic - 112 Years on CD-ROM. The team won the 1998 Cody award from the Software and Information Industry Association for the first edition as 1999 Best New Education Software Product. James insisted that writing be included as one of the key components in the lessons.

NM High Plains Writing Project Trudy Schellsted, 1999 Fellow, received the 1999 award for Excellence in English Education at the Middle School level from the New Mexico Council of Teachers of English.

Annemarie Oldfield, a 1993 Fellow, has a chapter in the new 1999 Heinemann publication, Breaking the Cycle: Gender, Literacy, and Learning, edited by Lynn Alvine.

OH Toledo Area Writing Project Alice Ray Lora, 1991 Fellow, appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday, December 1, as Diane Sawyer's favorite teacher. She was Ms. Sawyer's English teacher in the 1960s at Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky, where she also taught journalism. According to an article in the Toledo Blade, Ms. Lora has also taught Christine Brennan, a USA Today columnist and author; Suzanne Stevens Dunn, an Emmy award-winning producer at a Fox affiliate in St. Louis, and Stuart Robinson of Congressional Quarterly.

Amy Zollars, 1999 Fellow and a second grade teacher at Pickett School, realized that her school library was sorely lacking in books that would "inspire students to want to read and write." So, she and her students composed a letter asking for a single book and sent it to 97 celebrities. Within six weeks, they received books from Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Tipper Gore, Rosalyn Carter, Betty Ford, Jamie Farr, Bill Cosby and Hugh Downs (to name a few), and Rosie O'Donnell sent more than 75 hardcover books. Ultimately, Amy's library book drive netted the school an additional 80 books from their school business partner, Owens Corning, and the Parent Teacher Organization donated 100 books, for a grand total of 273 books.

OK Oklahoma State Writing Project Diane Moser, 1996 Fellow, Beverly Riggs 1994 Fellow, and Heather Sparks 1995 Fellow, recently received certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in the area of Middle Childhood Generalist. All three are active teacher consultants for the Oklahoma State University Writing Project.
OR Oregon Writing Project at Southern Oregon University Director Charlotte Hadella co-authored Warm Springs Millennium with Michael Baughman, (University of Texas Press, 2000). The book offers a clear look at a modern Indian reservation, specifically the Warm Springs reservation in north-central Oregon.
OR Oregon Writing Project at Willamette Karen Hamlin, co-director, published "Recommended: Student Reflection During Study Abroad" in the December 1999 issue of The International Educator.

Glen Bledsoe, 1996 Fellow and a teacher at the School of Education at Willamette University, wrote and or edited the following publications with his wife, Karen, during the past year: Classic Ghost Stories II, (Roxbury Park Books, 1998), Creepy Classics III, (Roxbury Park Books, 1999), Classic Mysteries II, (Roxbury Park Books, 1999), Classic Sea Stories, (Roxbury Park Books, 1999), and Balloon Adventures (Capstone Press, in press, 2000).

RI Rhode Island Writing Project Audrey Friedman, 1992 Fellow and eighth grade teacher, will publish "Los Calles de Los Cabos," in The Black Buzzard Review, a poetry annual, in 2000. This publication is a part of the Visions-International family of literary publications. Audrey was also accepted as a participant in the poetry program at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference in Middlebury, Vermont, and studied for twelve days this past August with Michael Collier, Edward Hirsch, Jane Shore and other renowned contemporary poets.

Carolyn Fortuna and her middle school team were national recipients of the Leavy Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education. They wrote a curriculum titled, "The Product Development Unit." Carolyn also received the Teacher Incentive Award from the Anti-Defamation League for her unit titled, "Beyond the Boundaries: Understanding Modern Diversity."

SC Spartanburg Writing Project Susan Becham Jackson, 1989 Fellow and an English teacher at Spartanburg Technical College, has won one of 12 prizes for short fiction awarded by the 1999 South Carolina Fiction Project. The project, jointly sponsored by the Charleston Post and Courier and the South Carolina Arts Commission, is entering its 16th year of writing competition.
SD Dakota Writing Project Denise Bryan, 1993 Fellow and first grade teacher in Belle Fourche, received certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Michelle Rogge Gannon, 1995 Fellow, DWP's webmaster, teacher of distance education courses at USD and member of the NWP's Design Team, published "Creative Writing Steps Inside a Virtual Jar" in the Fall 1999 issue of Kairos: A Journal for Teachers in Webbed Environments ( The article shows what happens when a group of mostly non-English majors publish a literary e-zine in a creative writing class.

TN West Tennessee Writing Project Paula Cox, co-director and third grade teacher at Briarwood Elementary, has achieved National Board Certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Paula is one of 17 Tennessee teachers certified in 1999, and joins the 7 other Tennessee teachers so certified.

Glenda Arant, former WTWP co-director, 1993 Fellow and reading teacher at Martin Middle School, and Margrethe Ahlschwede, director, will republish essays in the 10th anniversary edition of the Tennessee English Journal, the journal of the Tennessee Council of Teachers of English. Glenda's essay, "Pumping Lead: Students Build and Exercise Their Writing Muscles," originally was published in Vol. 7, 1996, and Margrethe's essay, "Signs in the Dark: Students Who Teacher Their Teacher," originally appeared in Vol. 5, 1994.

Judith Russell, 1996 Fellow and teacher at Page Middle School, published "A Writing Treasure Trove" in the latest Ideas Plus: A Collection of Practical Teaching Ideas, Book 17, 1999. Ideas Plus is published periodically by the National Council of Teachers of English.

Adele Dew, 1993 Fellow and an English and Spanish teacher at Union City High School, has been named High School Teacher of the Year 2000 for the Union City School System.

VA Southwest Virginia Writing Project Wendi Reichert, 1996 Fellow, and Susan Elkins, assistant director for the 1999 Summer Institute, both received National Board Certification; Wendi, as an Early Childhood Generalist, and Susan, in Adolescence and Young Adulthood English Language Arts.
WA Central Washington Writing Project Kati Dougherty-Carthum, 1996 Fellow, will publish her short story "Lessons Learned" in the fantasy anthology Sword and Sorceress 18 (DAW Press), in 2001
WA Puget Sound Writing Project Doug Selwyn, 1997 Fellow, recently published Social Studies at the Center: Integrating Kids, Content, and Literacy, (Heinemann Press, February 2000), co-written with Tarry Lindquist. The book presents a view of teaching and learning that connects what students learn in social studies with how they learn it and what they feel about it.
WV West Virginia Writing Project Ed Ashworth, 1992 Fellow and Latin and Spanish teacher at Brooke High School, was named the Year 2000 West Virginia Teacher of the Year.

Lois Meadows, third grade teacher, successfully completed certification by NBPTS.

Europe   Aaron, I hope you are going to acknowledge the retirement of Betty Nicholas, Germany Director from the beginning. She has been the driving force behind writing in Germany for many years. I think the recent high placement of DoDDS in the NAEP assessment of writing (second behind Connecticut) was due in large part to the groundwork laid by Betty here in Germany almost twenty years ago. She will retire from the service of the Department of Defense Schools this month after over 34 years of faithful service to her country. Gene "Excellence in Teaching and Learning"

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