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Denise Patmon and Vanessa Whang Join NWP Board

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 5, No. 4
Date: September-October 2000

Summary: The National Writing Project is pleased to welcome two new members to our board of directors, Denise Patmon and Vanessa Whang.


The National Writing Project is pleased to welcome two new members to our board of directors. Denise Patmon is a codirector at the Boston Writing Project (BWP) and assistant professor of teacher education at the University of Massachusetts. Vanessa Whang is director of multidisciplinary and presenting projects at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C. They bring a wide range of experience and resources to NWP's board.

Vanessa is a nationally recognized expert in arts administration, with particular knowledge of grantmaking and skill in designing arts partnership initiatives and arts programs, particularly at the community level. She has served a variety of arts organizations over the last twenty years.

“Vanessa brings a deep knowledge of community organizations that serve adults and children through the arts. Such knowledge will be helpful to the National Writing Project as we explore the learning needs of young people across the school community boundary,” says NWP Executive Director Richard Sterling.

Denise, a codirector at BWP for 18 years, has been a strong presence at the site, leading multicultural literature institutes, planning summer institutes, and conducting workshops and inservice.

“Denise and I started in writing projects together. She has been a consistent and insightful source of advice to me for many years. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment make her a very valuable member of our community. I'm delighted she has agreed to serve on our board,” Richard says.

Vanessa and Denise join 10 other board members: Dan Boggan Jr., Michele Drake, Ricardo Fernández, Don Gallehr, James Gray, George Haley, Augusta Kappner, Donald McQuade, William Russell, and Richard Sterling. Board members meet as a group twice a year, in December and June, and communicate with Richard throughout the year on an individual basis.

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