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With Gratitude to The Quarterly Contributors

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 2
Date: 2004

The staff of The Quarterly would like to thank all who have contributed to this publication in 2003. Your enthusiasm and patience in contributing articles, photographs, and more, have made this past year’s Quarterly lineup possible.

Jim Addison, director, Mountain Area Writing Project, North Carolina

Evan Balkan, teacher-consultant, Maryland Writing Project

Jennifer Borek, assistant professor of secondary language arts education, University of Memphis, Tennessee

Karen Brown, teacher, affiliated with the Oregon Writing Project at Eastern Oregon University

Pen Campbell, teacher-consultant, Third Coast Writing Project, Michigan

Jack Caswell, teacher-consultant, Rhode Island Writing Project

Suzanne Cherry, director, Swamp Fox Writing Project, South Carolina

Linda Christensen, co-director, Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College

Fran Claggett, teacher-consultant, Bay Area Writing Project, California

Sheila Clawson, teacher-consultant, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Bill Connolly, co-director, National Writing Project at Rowan University, New Jersey

Rebecca Dierking, teacher-consultant, Prairie Lands Writing Project, Missouri

Carole Edelsky, professor of curriculum and instruction, Arizona State University

Anne Elrod, teacher-consultant, South Coast Writing Project, California

Jennie Fleming, researcher and trainer for the Centre for Social Action at De Montfort University, Leicester, England

Britton Gildersleeve, director, Oklahoma State University Writing Project

Richard L. Graves, founder and former director, Sun Belt Writing Project, Alabama

Monie Hayes, doctoral candidate, University of Iowa

Jan Hillskemper, teacher-consultant, Northern California Writing Project

Philip Ireland, teacher-consultant, San Marcos Writing Project, California

Jennifer Janes, teacher-consultant, East Texas Writing Project

Douglas James Joyce, teacher-consulltant, formerly affiliated with Denver Writing Project

Judy Jester, co-director, Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project

Eileen Kennedy, doctoral candidate, Fordham University, New York

Peter Kittle, teacher-consultant, Northern California Writing Project

Christian Knoeller, English Department faculty, Purdue University, Indiana

Nancy Lilly, co-director, Greater New Orleans Writing Project, Louisiana

Julie McDonnell, teacher-consultant, Gateway Writing Project, Missouri

Marion S. MacLean, teacher-consultant, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Marian Mohr, former co-director, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Glenda Moss, associate director, Appleseed Writing Project, Indiana

Mary Ann Nocerino, teacher-consultant, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Harry Noden, teacher, Kent State University, Ohio

Chris Panell, teacher-consultant, Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College

Sarah Rider, teacher-consultant, Northern California Writing Project

Courtney Rogers, teacher-consultant, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Phip Ross, teacher-consultant, Nebraska Writing Project

Debbie Rotkow, co-director, Coastal Georgia Writing Project

Betsy Sanford, teacher-consultant, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Bob Sizoo, co-director, Redwood Writing Project, California

Ingrid Spence, teacher-consultant, Northwest Inland Writing Project, Idaho

Kim Stafford, director, Oregon Writing Project at Lewis and Clark College

Liz Stephens, director, Central Texas Writing Project

William Strong, former director, Utah Writing Project

Sherry Seale Swain, director, Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute state network

Matthew Teorey, faculty, Department of English Language and Literature, University of New Mexico

Samuel Totten, director, Northwest Arkansas Writing Project

Ingrid Wendt, arts-in-education program specialist, Oregon

Jim Wilcox, teacher-consultant, Oklahoma Writing Project

Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, former director, Maine Writing Project

Jane Zeni, former co-director, Gateway Writing Project, Missouri

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