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Teachers Hone their Skills at NWP Summer Institutes

NWP Summer Institutes Strengthen Teacher Knowledge and Skills in Writing Instruction

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BERKELEY, CA, July 1, 2004 —More than 3,000 teachers are participating in National Writing Project (NWP) summer institutes at 185 universities in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. During these four weeks of study, kindergarten through university teachers will examine specific teaching strategies that help students of all ages become accomplished writers and learners.

The summer institutes, which incorporate a teachers-teaching-teachers model, offer educators the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skill in the teaching of writing. Participating teachers will examine research on writing and will work to improve their knowledge of writing by writing themselves. Institute activities will also include teacher demonstrations of successful classroom approaches and a thorough look at the writing of students at various grade levels.

Following the summer institutes, participating teachers conduct programs in their own schools and in neighboring schools and districts. In 2003, NWP teachers, representing their local writing project sites, conducted 6,482 programs for more than 130,000 colleagues.

Teacher Laura Tracy Baisden says that her work with the NWP has benefited her and her students. "I have been able to help students understand how to write and how to use writing in science and other content areas," says Baisden, a veteran teacher at Logan Senior High School in rural Logan County, West Virginia. "Examining their writing helps me know whether my students understand concepts and what I need to teach."

"For so many of us, the writing project has kept us in the profession and helped us to make the classroom an exciting community of learning for ourselves and our students," adds English teacher Norma Mota-Altman, originally a participant in a 1991 summer institute at the UCLA Writing Project who now conducts workshops in the Los Angeles area and cites the writing project as a continuing resource.


The National Writing Project is a nationwide network of educators working together to strengthen writing instruction in America 's schools. Independent evaluation finds that students in the classrooms of NWP teachers make significant gains in writing achievement.


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