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NWP Spring Meeting in Washington

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 6, No. 3
Date: May-June 2001

Summary: The NWP Spring Meeting, April 5-7, was an event of inspiring proportion.


Long-time NWP supporter Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) was a welcome speaker at Thursday morning's meeting in the Mansfield Room, April 5. 

The National Writing Project's Spring Meeting in Washington, D.C., held April 5-7, was an event of inspiring proportion. Set against cherry blossoms at their peak, the meeting was a mix of political excitement and the enthusiasm that comes from solid writing project ideas.

Thursday was a day of meetings . . . as the NWP body in the Mansfield Room, individually as people met with their Senate and House representatives, and in celebration at the afternoon reception . . . through all of which NWP directors, TCs, and staff spread the message of the National Writing Project's work to the new Congress. Friday was NWP at its best, with Education Week founder Ron Wolk's morning discussion of issues quite familiar to the network, an afternoon of sessions that brought attendees back to the NWP core, and plenty of opportunities to meet and brainstorm about everything from best practices to politics-and all things NWP-in between.

In the online articles, Art Peterson captures the essence of Ron Wolk's speech in "Ed Week Founder Talks School Reform," and some of the ideas considered across the three days. Andy Bradshaw offers an update on the political events affecting the network in "NWP Teachers, Directors Turn up the Heat in Washington."

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