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Book Review: Searching Writing, by Ken Macrorie

By: Jerry Herman
Publication: The Quarterly, Vol. 3, No. 1
Date: November 1980

Summary: The writer recommends Macrorie's text for its "freshness, its good sense, its readability and its subversion of many oafish traditions connected with the school research paper."


Excerpt from Article

Macrorie rejects the traditional research paper as "... an exercise in badly done bibliography, often an introduction to the art of plagiarism, and a triumph of meaninglessness—for both writer and reader." In its place he proposes the I-Search paper which "...comes out of a student's life and answers a need in it."

The finished product is a narrative about the student's quest and his discoveries. The experience of the search is reported along with the results of it; the subjective and objective are balanced, blended as they are in life.

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