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Quarterly Drawing Winners Announced

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 10, No. 1
Date: 2005

Summary: Thirty-one people have each won a year of The Quarterly in a drawing celebrating NWP's thirty-first year...


Congratulations to the following people, all of whom have won a year of The Quarterly in a drawing held as part of the 2004 National Writing Project Annual Meeting. Just as the 2003 drawing celebrated 30 years of the writing project with a winner for every year, the 2004 drawing celebrates 31 years with 31 winners! Names were drawn at random from hundreds of entries.

By now, most winners have received word of their good fortune by either email or phone, but if you see your name below and have not heard from us, please contact us. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Liz Ackert, Eastern Virginia Writing Project

Bill Albertson, Georgia Southern Writing Project

Kerry Ballast, Central Texas Writing Project

Jordan Barkley, Sun Belt Writing Project, Alabama

Dana Breitweiser, Little Rock Writing Project, Arkansas

Mary E. Bullock, Greater New Orleans Writing Project, Louisiana

Dena Cole, Mountain Writing Project, Kentucky

Kerry Conrad, Northern Kentucky Writing Project

Kathy Coumbe-Horejs, Fox Valley Writing Project, Wisconsin

Jean Foster, Live Oak Writing Project, Mississippi

Donna Gilchrist, Oklahoma State University Writing Project

Gail Gilman, Central Massachusetts Writing Project

Robert Goode, Four Corners Writing Project, New Mexico

Kim Haggerty, Bluegrass Writing Project, Kentucky

Daniel Heffron, Western New York Writing Project

Selina Jackson, Pearl of the Concho Writing Project, Texas

V. Nell Jones, High Plains Writing Project, New Mexico

Claire Lamonica, Illinois State Writing Project

Lindsay Lehman, Mid-Ohio Writing Project

Berlinda A. Love, Trenton Area Writing Project at Rider University, New Jersey

Jim Meyer, Illinois State Writing Project

Barb Minogue, Denver Writing Project, Colorado

Ellen Newberry, Central California Writing Project

Vanessa Powell, Alaska State Writing Consortium

Anna Marie Strzyz, Rocky Mountain Writing Project, Colorado

Karen Sumaryono, Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Eric Wheeler, San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, California

Shari Williams, Little Rock Writing Project, Arkansas

Doris Williams-Smith, Greater Houston Area Writing Project, Texas

Joanne Wisniewski, Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Jenna Wright, West Tennessee Writing Project

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