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By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 6, No. 4
Date: September-October 2001

Summary: Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications


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Wiregrass Writing Project
Ronda Stevens, 1987 Fellow and Co-director, received the 2000-2001 Secondary Teacher of the Year Award for the Ozark City Schools in Ozark. Stevens taught English at D.A. Smith Middle School and Carroll High School for 29 years.


Northern Arizona Writing Project
Ann Gardner, 1992 Fellow, was named 2001 Technology Coordinator of the Year by the Arizona Technology in Education Alliance. She is currently the technology coordinator for Holbrook Unified School District in Holbrook.

Southern Arizona Writing Project
Harriet Scarborough, 1983 Fellow, won the Outstanding Educator Award for 2001 from the College of Education at the University of Arizona. Scarborough is the language arts coordinator for grades 9-12 in Tucson Unified School District.


Northwest Arkansas Writing Project
Lacinda File, 1997 Fellow, had an article in Teaching Powerful Writing published by Scholastic Professional Books, edited by Bob Sizoo. She is a teacher in the Springdale School District in Springdale and was recently promoted to Title I writing specialist.

Claire Lesieur, 2000 Fellow, was among 200 educators traveling to Japan as part of the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. The three-week program, funded by the Japanese government, provides opportunities for primary and secondary educators from the United States to gain firsthand experience of Japanese education and culture.

Samuel Totten, Director, received the University of Arkansas College of Education Research Award for co-editing the book, Teaching and Studying the Holocaust. He co-edited the book with Stephen Feinberg of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Central California Writing Project
Amy Roberts, 1985 Fellow, received the Christa McAuliffe Fellowship 2000-2001 for the purpose of launching a writing project in the Virgin Islands, where she has taught high school for 18 years. Roberts spent the year attending classes at UC Santa Cruz, shadowing Central California Writing Project leaders, and participating in CCWP activities, including serving as a returning fellow, presentation coach, and writing group leader for the invitational summer institute 2001.

Inland Area Writing Project
Cora Lee Brown, 1992 Fellow, had an article, "I Can Not Be A Writer Because . . .," and a poem, "The Best Thing," both accepted for publication in Once Upon A Time magazine.

Marilyn Cram Donahue, 2001 Fellow, has published two articles: "A Mentor Can Make a Difference," Current Health 1, April/May 2001; and "Beating Boredom," Current Health 2, November 2001.

Stephanie Elliott, 1999 Fellow, has published an article: "It's a Pirate's Life for Me: My Calling to Be an English Teacher," California English, Fall 2000.

Four teachers earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Angela Beeley and Joni Conger, 1995 Fellows; and Barbara Thornhill and Becky Russell Pastor, 1999 Fellows.

Cyndi Furr, 1999 Fellow, received the Class Act Award from California State University, San Bernardino, for her students' entries in "Creative Writing Day," June 2001.

Richard D. Hartwell, 1999 Fellow, has published three articles: "Encountering Disabilities," Educational Leadership, April 2001; "SAT9 Results: A Tool for Reflection and Change," California English, April 2001; and, "Reflections on the Reading/Writing Process: Beginnings of an Ongoing Inquiry Project," California English, December 2000. He also has published two poems: "Words," Once Upon A Time, Summer 2001; "Writing Is . . . ," Once Upon A Time, April 2001. Hartwell's memoir entitled "Homecoming," has been accepted for publication by Vietnam magazine.

Louise Herington, 2000 Fellow, has published two stories: "Writing Is Medicine," ByLine, July/August 2001; and "Running Down Santa Claus Lane," Runner's World, December 2000. She has also published one article, "When Students Are In Control, Magical Things Can Happen," California English, June 2001.

Rose Howard, 1997 Fellow and Co-director, earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in early and middle childhood/English as a new language in 2000. Howard is one of the first thirty five teachers nationwide to earn accreditation in this certificate area.

Catherine Humphrey, Ph.D., 1999 Fellow and Co-director, successfully passed the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in adolescent and young adult language arts in 2000. Humphrey had an article: "Let's Talk: Building a Bridge Between Home and School," published in The Quarterly of the National Writing Project, Summer 2001.

Northern California Writing Project
C. Lynn Jacobs, teacher-researcher and teacher-leader for the California Professional Development Institutes for High School teachers, had an article, "Those Kids Can't Read This Book--It's Too Thick," published in the English Journal, July 2001.

Redwood Writing Project
Bob Sizoo, Co-director, has a new book out entitled Teaching Powerful Writing published by Scholastic. The book contains autobiographical incidents, most of which are written by National Writing Project teacher-consultants.

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project
Rebecca Camarena, 1997 Fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Lemoore Union Elementary School District.

Kristi McNeal, 1999 Fellow, received the Award for Classroom Excellence, Elementary School, in February from the California Association of Teachers of English.

Laura McClenaghan's poem, written during the 2000 summer institute, was accepted for publication by Creative Communication, Inc. in their annual teacher's poetry contest.

Hal Raines, 1993 and 2000 Fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Howard School in the Madera Unified School District.

Christine Vlahavas, 2000 Fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Auberry Elementary School in the Sierra Unified School District.

South Coast Writing Project
Sheridan Blau, Director, published a chapter entitled "Politics and the English Language Arts" in the new book, The Fate of Progressive Language Policies and Practices, edited by Curt Dudley-Marling and Carole Edelsky, 2001, National Council of Teachers of English.

Joan Cotich, 1991 Fellow, co-authored an article entitled "Be Careful What You Ask for" in California English, 6 (5), June 2001. The article is about teaching the essay. Cotich is an English and ELL teacher at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara.

Carol Dixon, Beth Yeager, Doug Baker and Maria Franquize, all Fellows, contributed as co-authors to the publication of the article, "I Used to Know That: What Happens When Reform Gets Through the Classroom Door," in the Bilingual Research Journal, 24 (1 and 2), Winter and Spring 2000, National Association for Bilingual Education.

Angus Dunstan, 1981 Fellow, recently published an article entitled "Responding to Student Writing" in California English, 6 (5), June 2001. Dunstan is a Professor of English at California State University, Sacramento.

Jack Farrell, 1989 Fellow, recently published an article entitled "The Student Who Read Everything Twice" in California English, 6 (5), June 2001. Farrell teaches at Thousand Oaks High School in Thousand Oaks.

Judy Garey, 1998 Fellow, was selected as a scholar in the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) Higher Education 2000. Garey teaches at Ventura College in Ventura.

Irene Pattenaude, 1993 Fellow, and Beth Yeager, 1989 Fellow, recently received Educator of the Year Awards from the Anti-Defamation League for their work on teaching tolerance. Pattenaude is a teacher and Yeager is a teacher on leave, both from McKinley Elementary School in Santa Barbara.

Beth Yeager, 1989 Fellow, was selected as a Scholar in the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 2001. This 18-month appointment involves work with teacher-scholars in the area of teacher research and the scholarship of teaching.

Beth Yeager; Irene Pattenaude; Maria Franquiz, 1993 Fellow; and Louise Jennings, 1995 Fellow had an article, "Rights, Respect and Responsibility: Toward a Theory of Action in Two Bilingual (Spanish/English) Classrooms," published in the book, Trends and Issues in Elementary Language Arts, 2000, National Council of Teachers of English.


Delaware Writing Project
In May 2001, Dawn Downes, 1999 Fellow; Ann Fleckenstein, Mary Ford, and Lin Glassco, 2001 Fellows; and several other Christina School District teachers won the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Superstars in Education Award in the professional development category.

Aleta Thompson, 2000 Fellow and Cape Henlopen High School teacher, received the 2001 English Teacher of the Year Award from the Delaware Association of Teachers of English.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Area Writing Project
Patricia Bradford, 1993 Fellow, was selected as the first winner of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Spouses Essay Contest Counselor Incentive Program Award. The award will be presented at the CBC Annual Legislative Conference in September. Bradford is English Department chairperson at Flowers High School in Prince Georges County.

Lisa Johnson, 1996 Fellow, received a 2000-2001 Washington Post Grants-in-the-Arts Award. Johnson teaches at Paul Junior High Public Charter School.

Audrienne Womack, 1998 Fellow, starred in the drama, Island Roots, performed at The Publick Playhouse in Cheverly. Womack teaches English at Edison Friendship Collegiate Academy.


Jaxwrite Writing Project
Denise Rambach, 1991 Fellow and Co-director, developed the JustRead and JustWrite mentoring programs, which won the Sunshine State School Public Relations Association (SUNSPRA) Awards. JustRead won second in 1999 for community outreach and first place in the poster category. Rambach is a National Board Certified Teacher.


Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project
Bernadette Lambert, 1996 Fellow, had a short story, "The Fan Club," published in Teaching Powerful Writing, edited by Bob Sizoo. Lambert was a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) fellow for the Making American Literatures Project and is now a team leader for the Keeping and Creating American Communities program. Lambert's story was originally drafted during the summer institute for the Making American Literatures project in 1998.

Shannon O'Day had an article, "Creative Drama Through Scaffolded Plays in the Language Arts Classroom," published in Primary Voices, April 2001.

The following KMWP teachers had their essays published in a new anthology, Making American Literatures in High School and College, by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) press: "A Case Study of American Literature Anthologies and their Role in the Making of American Literature," Dave Winter; "What Students Need to Know About the Canon," George Seaman, 1996 Fellow and Advisory Council Chair; "Popular Culture in the American Literature Classroom," Emmanuel Martin, 1996 Fellow; "Anthologia," Linda Templeton, Rural Sites Network Coordinator; and "Invitation to Anthologize," Mimi Dyer. All these teacher-consultants participated in Making American Literatures, a two-year project funded by National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The collection of essays was inspired by classroom research for the project.


Hawai`i Writing Project
Michelle Colte, 1998 Fellow, received a NCTE/Prentice Hall-Pearson Education Leadership Development Award. Colte teaches English at Moanalua High School, Honolulu.

Paul Field, 1990 Fellow, and Vinnie Linares, 1982 Fellow, have each received a Francis Davis Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Hawai`i. Field, a History teacher at Windward Community College, also received the 2000-2001 Outstanding Advisor Award for the Pacific Region as advisor for the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at his school. He is also state coordinator for Hawai`i History Day. Linares teaches English at Maui Community College.

Claire McGafferey Griffin, 1986 Fellow, was awarded a Fulbright-Hays Summer Seminar Fellowship allowing her to spend a month in China studying and traveling with 15 other teachers selected from around the country. McGafferey Griffin teaches history at Sacred Hearts Academy, Honolulu.

Anna Sumida, 1985 Fellow and outreach specialist at Kamehameha Schools, produced the winning video entry in the International Reading Association's Broadcast Media for Television competition. Help Your Child Learn to Read, Kindergarten and First Grade is a video for parents that explain the link between reading and writing.


Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project
Debbe Andres-Geary, 1996 Fellow, earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Andres-Geary teaches at Manchester Elementary in Manchester.

Shannon B. Gray, 1997 Fellow, was selected as one of ten recipients of the Armstrong Teacher Educator Award from the School of Education, Indiana University. Gray teaches at Penn High School in Mishawaka.

Kevin McNulty, 1999 Fellow, earned his master's degree from Bread Loaf School of English and received the Dulcey Scott Merit Scholar Award. McNulty teaches at Penn High School in Mishawaka.


Western Kentucky University Writing Project
Cheryl Gant, 1999 Fellow, was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award by Campbellsville University, Columbia. Gant is a teacher at College View Middle School in Owensboro.

Carol Huber, 1998 Fellow, was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award 2000-2001 at her school, Bonnieville Elementary, in Bonnieville.


Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project
Richard Louth, Director, received the University's Award for Excellence in Teaching at Southeastern Louisiana University's Fall Convocation on August 24.

Karen Maceira, 1997 Summer Fellow, had her poem, "What I Offer This Valley," accepted for the Winter 2001/2002 issue of the Beloit Poetry Journal.


Maryland Writing Project
Sheila Allen, 1987 Fellow, will have a second edition of her text book, Making Connections: Reading and Understanding College Textbooks, published in 2002 by Harcourt College Publishers. Allen is a Teacher Education Coordinator at Harford Community College in Bel Air.

Nicole Dreyer, 1999 Fellow, will have her first book, a children's Christmas book entitled Joseph's Christmas Story, published by Concordia Publishing House this month. Dreyer also writes monthly children's devotions for the monthly magazine, My Devotions.

Sharon Miller, 1985 Fellow, had her article, "Lessons from Tony: Betrayal and Trust in Teacher Research," published in The Quarterly of the National Writing Project, Spring 2001. Miller was assistant supervisor for English and language arts in Harford County Public Schools before retiring.


Mississippi State University Writing/Thinking Project
Linda Killian, 2001 Fellow, received the Mississippi Arts Commission Award for Drama and first prize of $5,000 for her play, Aaronville. The play, a single-character monologue describing a "shoulder-feast" (southern funeral) of years gone by, has been read at New Stage Theater in Jackson. Killian teaches English to middle school students in Jackson.

Louis Rowles, 1989 Fellow, has published his third book, a children's book, entitled Ida Claire Does Fabulous Hair, and has been traveling and sharing the book with students across Mississippi. Rowles is a curriculum coordinator at his school district in Nettleton.


Prairie Lands Writing Project
Diane Goold, 1998 Fellow, accepted a national Newspaper Association of America Foundation Award presented to the St. Joseph News-Press for its participation in the 2001 Presstime/Parade Magazine's Young Columbus program. Goold coordinates the Newspapers in Education (NIE) Program at the News-Press. For this year's Young Columbus program, Goold created and supervised a competition in which 50 area students submitted portfolios containing News-Press clippings published about the 2000 presidential candidates and then wrote cover letters explaining who they would vote for in the election, if they could vote.

Melody Smith, 1987 Fellow, will move to full-time administration as assistant principal at St. Joseph's Benton High School this fall after completing her specialist degree in administration from Northwest Missouri State University this summer. Unfortunately, her new duties preclude her from continuing to serve as Prairie Lands' Professional Development Director, but she remains a member of the Prairie Lands Writing Project (PLWP) Advisory Board.

Kimberly Warren, 2001 Fellow and member of PLWP's Teacher-Consultant cadre, applied her grant writing skills to start the MidCity Excellence 21st Century Community Learning Center, which will officially open in September in St. Joseph. The center will provide literacy, computer technology, and job and career development classes for adults and an extensive after-school program for children, grades K-12, which will begin with an hour of tutoring/homework assistance followed by community service projects and/or enrichment classes such as creative writing, drama, book clubs, and conflict resolution. St. Joseph School District officials were so excited about Warren's concept that they offered to underwrite the center for a pre-opening 2001 summer learning program. To date, Warren has already secured a school bus and $80,000 in grants, a $75,000 St. Joseph Community Development Block Grant and a $5,000 United Way Discretionary Grant, for the MidCity Center's 2001-2002 programs, and negotiations are underway to develop a full partnership with the St. Joseph School District, which, if enacted, will then provide additional equipment and resources. Her target goal is for the center to reach at least 500 children and their families in its first year of operation. In order to make MidCity a success, she resigned from her full-time position as Program Director at the Community Learning Center for the Stewartsville (MO) C-2 School District. Also, Ron Tolbert, 2001 institute intern, and Lisa Thies-Fox, 2001 Fellow and English teacher at St. Joseph's Benton High School, helped to staff the summer institute in early July.


Nebraska Writing Project
Sharon Bishop, 1994 Fellow, received the Exemplary Classroom Award at the Foxfire 2000 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Bishop teaches English and Speech at Heartland Community Schools in Henderson and Bradshaw, Nebraska.

North Carolina

Capital Area Writing Project
Ruie Pritchard, Director, received the Alumni Award for Outstanding Service and Extension at North Carolina State University, which carries a $2,000 prize. Her recent service work has been an outreach program with a largely rural writing project, the Johnston Area Writing Partnership (JAWP). An account of the two-site alliance is available in the forthcoming National Writing Project (NWP) publication, "NWP at Work."


Northeast Ohio Writing Project
Genevieve Bodnar, 1997 Fellow and National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), has been actively involved in Teaching America About Accomplished Teaching through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). She presented with them last fall at the NBCT meeting in Washington, D.C. Bodnar has also served a term on Govenor Taft's Teacher Advisory Committee.

Nicole McBurney, 2000 Fellow, had an article, "Creating a Whole Language Classroom Community: Reflections of a Third-Year Teacher," published by the English Journal, May 2001.

Terry Murcko, 1998 Fellow, has been named the editor of Ohio Teachers Write, the literary magazine/journal, published by the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA).

Janie Reinart, 1998 Fellow and Poetry Day Liaison for OCTELA, has a poem in the anthology, Bearing Witness: Poetry by Teachers About Teaching, which will be published by Zephyr Press in Fall 2001.

Colleen Ruggieri, 1998 Fellow and an NBCT, was recognized by OCTELA as an Outstanding English Language Arts Educator. Ruggieri is a two-time recipient of the Ohio Rise Grants to study at Bread Loaf in both Vermont and Alaska, and a two-time recipient of the Youngstown State University's Writing Awards for Teachers.

Stephanie Sierra, 1998 Fellow, has been recognized by OCTELA as an Outstanding English Language Arts Educator.

Darla Wagner, Co-director, had an article, ""Building a Safe Harbor: Writing Groups in the Middle School Classroom," published in the May 2001 issue of the English Journal.


Oklahoma Writing Project
Four teacher-consultants were named National Board Certified Teachers in November: Mary Hanglesben, 1994 Fellow; Linda Kramer, 2000 Fellow; Vivian Nida, 1987 Fellow; and Claudia Swisher, 1999 Fellow. This boosts the number of Oklahoma Writing Project teacher-consultants with national certification to 15.

Mike Angelotti, Co-director, is the new poetry editor of the English Journal. Angelotti had three pieces published last year: "Walt Whitman" in Writers for Young Adults; and "Backyard Fences" and "The Ragman" in Young Adult Voices, Young Adult Literature From Around the World, the English International final annual edition.

Starla Howard, 1999 Fellow, was named 2000-2001 Teacher of the Year at Will Rogers Elementary School, Shawnee.

Connie Kiesewetter, 1998 Fellow, won seven writing contests last year and had an article on Louis Lamour published in the winter issue of Oklahoma English Journal. She is currently corresponding secretary for the Poetry Society of Oklahoma, a statewide organization for poets.

Pat Lightfoot, 1989 Fellow, was Weatherford's Teacher of the Year. Five of her students won awards in the 2001 OWP Student Writing Contest and several placed in the 2001 Young Writers Competition sponsored by the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English.

The Moore School Foundation awarded fourteen grants to teachers this year. Lori Newmark, 2000 Fellow, received one grant and Johnnie Keel, 1997 Fellow, received five. Titles of grants they received include: "What's Math Got to Do with It?" integrating math and writing with literature; "Do I Need to Draw You a Picture?"; "Integrating Art and Writing Across the Curriculum--Dr. Seymore M. Provement, Writing Doctor," using hands-on activities for creative revision; "Fritz and the Founding Fathers," using Jean Fritz biographies on historical characters; "Break A Leg!" using drama and short plays to enhance learning and writing; and "Once Upon A Time," using felt storyboards and characters in writing.

Freeda Richardson, 1987 Fellow, was named Norman High School's Teacher of the Year and a Norman Public Schools District Finalist for school year 2000-2001.

Connie Sears's creative writing students at Mustang High School won 63 writing awards in 2000-2001. Sears is a 1980 Fellow.

Shelbie Witte, 2000 Fellow, had three students from Chickasha Intermediate School named national finalists in the Studentreasures Publishing Company contest.

Three OWP teacherconsultants from the Moore district, all National Board Certified Teachers, Johnnie Keel, Lori Newmark, and Joni Hamilton, presented at the International Reading Association National Conference in New Orleans in May. Their topic was "Jazz Up Your Reading and Writing Program While Meeting National Board Certification Standards."

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Writing Project
Carolyn Fortuna, 1995 Fellow, will present a workshop called "Creating Critical Media Analysis Skills" at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Conference in Baltimore on November 16.

Dr. Marjorie Roemer, Director, is the first professor at Rhode Island College to be awarded two awards in the same year from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Roemer was awarded the Patrick J. O'Reagan Award for Distinguished Service and the Paul Maixner Distinguished Teaching Award.

The May issue of the English Journal featured a letter from Kathleen Danforth, 2000 Fellow, in response to the prompt: "What Workshop or Inservice Activity Has Been Most Valuable to You in Your Teaching?" Danforth's response spoke of her experience in the summer institute 2000.

South Carolina

Swamp Fox Writing Project
Gayle Morgan, 1999 Fellow, was selected to attend the NWP Writing Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 21-24. She and 19 others from across the nation worked on improving professional writing skills.


Northern Virginia Writing Project
Pamela Benson, 1991 Fellow, had an article entitled "A Full Life, All Within Walking Distance" published in the Washington Post. Benson was awarded a Fulbright Hays study grant and is currently on leave from her teaching at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.

Mary Browning Schulman, 1980 Fellow, and Carleen daCruz Payne co-authored their book, Guided Reading: Making It Work (Grades K-3), published by Scholastic. Browning Schulman teaches at Halley Elementary School in Fairfax County.

Kimberly Cetron, 1998 Fellow, collaborated on revision and was a member of the Schools of the Future Council for Gary Marx's recent publication, "Ten Trends: Educating Children for a Profoundly Different Future." Cetron teaches English at Centreville High School in Fairfax County.

Mark Craver, 1988 Fellow, published a new book, entitled Team First Team Last: An Epic Journey to the Heart of High School Basketball. Craver taught at Hayfield Secondary School in Fairfax County, Alabama.

Mark Farrington, 1994 Fellow and administrative assistant, has published "The Gift," a creative nonfiction piece, in Teaching Powerful Writing, edited by Bob Sizoo. Farrington teaches fictional writing at Johns Hopkins University's D.C. campus.

Sharon Gerow, 1987 Fellow, has a chapter entitled "Teachers in School-Based Teams: Contesting Isolation in Schools" in Transforming Teacher Education: Lessons in Professional Development, published by Greenwood. Gerow teaches English at Centreville High School in Fairfax County, VA.

Julie Kidd, 1989 Fellow, had her article, "Third Culture Kids," published in Syllabus, and another article, "Integrating Language and Literacy Through Projects: An Applied Internship Experience," published in Literacy at a New Horizon, the 22nd Yearbook of the College Reading Association. Kidd is an assistant professor in the George Mason University (GMU) School of Education.

Neal Lerner, 1992 Fellow, had an article, "Confessions of a First-Time Writing Center Director," published in the Writing Center Journal, which won the National Writing Centers Association Outstanding Scholarship Award. Lerner is currently the writing programs coordinator and assistant professor of English at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.

Pat Parnell, 1978 Fellow, had her first collection of poems entitled "Snake Woman and Other Explorations, Finding the Female in Divinity" published by Peter E. Randall. Parnell is a professor emerita at White Pines College in New Hampshire.

Emmet Rosenfeld, 1997 Fellow, has published an article entitled "The Fish Danced" in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine. Rosenfeld teaches English at Mt. Vernon High School in Fairfax County.

Chris Thaiss, 1978 Fellow and Associate Director, has also published a text, with Jim Sanford, entitled Writing for Psychology. His article, "Advancing Writing at GMU: Responding to Community Needs, Encouraging Faculty Interests," co-authored with Ruth Fischer (1991 Fellow), appeared in Coming of Age: The Advanced Writing Curriculum, published by Heinemann. Thaiss is the English Department Chair at GMU, and Fischer is the Director of Composition.

Terry Zawacki, 1989 Fellow, had an article, "Telling Stories: The Subject Is Never Just Me," in Questioning Authority: Stories Told in School published by University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor. She and Ashley Williams co-authored an article entitled "Is It Still WAC? Writing in Learning Communities," in WAC for the New Millennium, published by NCTE, and she also co-authored with Chris Thaiss an article, "Questioning `Alternative' Discourses: Reports from the Disciplines," in Alternative Discourses, Alternative Forms of Intellectual Work published by Heinemann. Zawacki is the Director of the Writing Center at GMU.


Fox Valley Writing Project
Five 2000 Fellows had articles published in The Wisconsin English Journal, a publication of The Wisconsin Council of the Teachers of English Language Arts: "Conferencing in the Writers Workshop: Can We Talk?" Patricia Donaldson; "Mixing Middle Schoolers and Fairy Tales," Didi Karisny; "Portfolio of Progress," Paula Muehler; "Classroom Management During Writers Workshop," Nancy Relien; and "My Kids Didn't Write Enough," Katie Stahmann.

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