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Writers Retreat

By: John Dorroh
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 6, No. 4
Date: September-October 2001

This afternoon as I sat with my response group, a Natalie Goldberg quote tickled my brain. She once wrote, ". . . talk is the exercise ground for writing . . . talk is a way writers help each other find new directions. . . ." And that is exactly what we are doing at this workshop: writing and talking and rewriting and talking some more. We clarify our intent by allowing other writers to contribute how they feel and to say what they think. And only if we are bold enough to accept their suggestions can we allow the talking to help reshape our writing. I think I'm in love with that process and my fellow writers and talkers.

About the Author John Dorroh is a teacher-consultant with the MSU Writing/Thinking Project. He teaches biology, anatomy, and physiology at West Point High School in West Point, Mississippi.


Next year's NWP Writing Retreat will take place June 27-30th, at the Sunrise Springs Conference Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Applications are due during March 2002. Check the NWP Web site this winter for an application and more details.


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