National Writing Project

Awards and Accolades

By: NWP Staff
Date: May 2007


Southern Arizona Writing Project

Roger Shanley, co-director, published "Paradoxical Oxymorons" in the January 2007 issue of English Journal [96 (3)].

Erec Toso, director and 2006 fellow, published Zero at the Bone: Rewriting Life After a Snakebite (University of Arizona Press, 2007).


Bay Area Writing Project

Patsy Lockhart, 1984 fellow, received the California Teachers Association Lois Tinson Human Rights Award, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions toward providing equal opportunities for African Americans. Lockhart teaches at Barnard-White Middle School in Union City.

Betty Pazmiño, co-director and 1994 fellow, received the Women Making History Award from the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women for her 22 years as an educator in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Meredith Pike-Baky, 1999 fellow, published Prompted to Write: Building On-Demand Writing Skills, Grades 6–12 with co-author Gerald Fleming (Jossey-Bass, 2005). Pike-Baky is a project coordinator for the Education Task Force, a consortium of K–12 school districts in northern California.

Gerald Reyes, 2004 fellow, published "Finding the Poetic High: Building a Spoken Word Poetry Community and Culture of Creative, Caring and Critical Intellectuals" in the winter 2006 issue of Multicultural Education [14 (2)]. Reyes also published "Shots Fired in Oakland: Using Hip Hop to Cultivate Public Intellectuals Reclaiming Culture" in the November 2006 issue of California English. Reyes is an instructional and school design coach for the Oakland Unified School District.

Marsha Rhynes, 1996 fellow, received the 2007 Rotary Extra Miles for Education Award. Rhynes teaches at McClymonds High School in Oakland.

Kim Wallace, 1999 fellow, is a finalist for the Nineteenth Annual Lambda Literary Award in the category of Young Adult Fiction for her novel Erik & Isabelle Junior Year at Foresthill High (Foglight Press, 2006).

Smokey Wilson, 1977 fellow, published What About Rose? Using Teacher Research to Reverse School Failure (Teachers College Press, 2007).

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project

Jeffery Williams, 1997 fellow, received the California Association of Teachers of English Classroom Excellence Award in February 2007.

UCLA Writing Project

Leland Myrick, 2000 fellow, published Missouri Boy (First Second, 2006), which was listed in Booklist's Top Ten Graphic Novels for Youth for 2007.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Area Writing Project

Maria L. Angala, 2004 fellow, received a Washington Post Grants in Education Award to conduct a book project at Jefferson Junior High School.

Elizabeth A. Davis, 1995 fellow, published "The March on John Philip Sousa" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Davis teaches at John Philip Sousa Middle School.

Cynthia Locke Henderson, 1995 fellow, was honored as Social Worker of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers for the DC area at an awards luncheon on March 9, 2007.

Judith Moore Kelly, director and 1995 fellow, was elected president of the National Council of Teachers of English Black Caucus.


Chinwe "La Tanya" Obijiofor, 1996 fellow of Peachtree Urban Writing Project, published "Community Action in a Summer Writing Institute" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Obijiofor is a reading specialist at Wynbrooke Elementary School in Stone Mountain.


Illinois State Writing Project

Janice Neuleib, director and 1992 fellow, received the 2007 University Distinguished Service Award. Neuleib is acting director of the English education program at the Illinois State University in Normal.


Indiana Teachers of Writing Writing Project

Shannon B. Gray, 1997 fellow, was awarded the Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship. Gray will retrace the journey of Laura Ingalls Wilder in a project titled "Go West, Middle-Aged Woman." Gray teaches English at Penn High School in Mishawaka.

Mary B. Nicolini, co-director and 1993 fellow, published "Making Thinking Visible: Writing in the Center" in the November/December 2006 issue of The Clearing House [80 (2)]. Nicolini is director of the writing center at Penn High School in Mishawaka.


University of Maine Writing Project

Rich Kent, director and 1997 fellow, received the Book of the Year Award from the International Writing Centers Association for his book A Guide to Creating Student-Staffed Writing Centers, Grades 6–12 (Peter Lang, 2006).


Maryland Writing Project

Kristina Berdan, 1999 fellow, published "Reflections on the Youth Dreamers" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Berdan is the director of the Stadium School Youth Dreamers, Inc. in Baltimore.


Eastern Michigan Writing Project

Maja Wilson, 1996 fellow, published "Why I Won't Be Using Rubrics to Respond to Students' Writing" in the March 2007 issue of English Journal [96 (4)].


Minnesota Writing Project

Alex Mueller, 2004 fellow, received the 2006 Literature Compass Graduate Essay Prize in the medieval category for his essay "Linking Letters: Translating Ancient History into Medieval Romance." Mueller is a teaching assistant in the English department at the University of Minnesota.

Erica Schatzlein, 2006 fellow, received an Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Technology Grant to use with her ELL students and a Star Tribune Imagination Fund Grant for take-home books for first-graders. Schatzlein teaches at Battle Creek Elementary in St. Paul.


Alcorn Writing Project

Connie Ellard Bunch, 1998 fellow, published "Shall We Dance?" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Bunch teaches English literature at West Feliciana High School in St. Francisville.

Live Oak Writing Project

Malin Chamberlin, 1994 fellow, was named the Bay-Waveland School District Teacher of the Year. Chamberlin teaches fourth grade at Second Street Elementary School in Bay St. Louis.

J. Elaine White, director and 1992 Oklahoma Writing Project fellow, and Robert L. Wyatt, 1979 Oklahoma Writing Project fellow, published Making Your First Year a Success: A Classroom Survival Guide for Middle and High School Teachers, Second Edition (Corwin Press, 2007). White teaches English licensure courses at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Wyatt is professor emeritus at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

MSU Writing/Thinking Project

Marty Clark, 1998 fellow, received the 2007 Pat Mitchell Service Award for her significant contributions to her site and school. Clark is an instructional interventionist at Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton.


Northern Nevada Writing Project

Lori Farias, 1998 fellow, published "Changing Our World" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Farias teaches eleventh and twelfth grade language arts at Sparks High School in Sparks.

Maggie Folkers, 1992 fellow, published "Poetry and Power in the Creative Writing Workshop" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Folkers teaches world cultures, poetry, and mythology at Edward C. Reed High School in Sparks.

Southern Nevada Writing Project

Paula Laub, 1998 fellow, published "Power Play" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Laub teaches second grade at Paradise Professional Development School in Las Vegas.

New Jersey

National Writing Project at Rowan University

Diane Penrod, director, published Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy: The Next Powerful Step in 21st-Century Learning (Rowman & Littlefield Education, March 2007).

New Mexico

High Plains Writing Project

Dietta Poston Hitchcock, 2000 fellow, published "Lending Student Voice to Curriculum Planning" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Hitchcock teaches art to elementary school students.

New York

Western New York Writing Project

Greg Staniszewski, 2003 fellow, was featured in an article, "Staniszewski to Coordinate 2007 Western New York Writing Project," for his leadership work in the local newspaper The Front Page (2/7/07). Staniszewski teaches English language arts at Lackawanna Middle School in Lackawanna.

Heather Waldron, 2006 fellow, was awarded a one-week internship to work with Nancy Atwell at The Center for Teaching and Learning in Edgecomb, Maine. Waldron teaches at West Elementary School in West Seneca.

North Dakota

Red River Valley Writing Project

Nancy Devine, co-director and 1999 fellow, published the following poems: "Morning Has Broken (a sonnet for Cat Stevens)" in Main Channel Voices (winter 2007); "My Mother Rinsing My Hair" in Main Channel Voices (Spring 2007); "My Husband Is out of Town" in 42opus (March 2007); and "It's A Cinch" in Matter 9: Fuel. Devine teaches English at Grand Forks Central High School in Grand Forks.


Oklahoma Writing Project

Robert L. Wyatt, 1979 fellow, and J. Elaine White, 1992 fellow, published Making Your First Year a Success: A Classroom Survival Guide for Middle and High School Teachers, Second Edition (Corwin Press, 2007). Wyatt is professor emeritus at East Central University, and White teaches English licensure courses at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast.


National Writing Project at Kent State University

Deb DeBenedictis, 1997 fellow, published "Sustained Silent Reading: Making Adaptations" in the March 2007 issue of Voices from the Middle [14 (3)]. DeBenedictis is retired and teaches part time at Kent State University.

Jessica Deniakis-Rishel, 2004 fellow, received the Best Buy Teach Award for creatively using technology in the classroom. Deniakis-Rishel teaches at Trumbull Career and Technical Center in Warren.

Alexa Sandmann, 1981 fellow, published "Nurturing Thoughtful Revision Using the Focused Question Card Strategy" in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy [50 (1)]. Sandmann is an associate professor in the department of teaching, leadership, and curriculum studies at Kent State University.

Barb Smith, 2000 fellow, was named 2007 Ohio Middle School English Language Arts Teacher of the Year at the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Spring Conference, March 23–24, 2007. Smith teaches integrated language arts at Western Reserve Middle School in Berlin Center.

Karen Tollafield, 2005 fellow, published "Illuminating Text with Technology" in the winter/spring 2007 issue of The Ohio Journal of English Language Arts [47 (1)]. Tollafield teaches fourth grade at Hilltop Elementary School in Beachwood.

Puerto Rico

Borinquen Writing Project

Mildred Serra, 2000 fellow, published "Social Action and Parent Involvement" in Writing for a Change: Boosting Literacy and Learning Through Social Action (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Serra teaches fourth and fifth grade English at Lorencita Ramirez de Arellano School in Toa Baja.


West Tennessee Writing Project

Molly Coffman, 2001 fellow, received the Outstanding Teacher of the Humanities Award from Humanities Tennessee. Coffman is the English department chair at Madison Academic Magnet High School in Jackson.

Stephanie Elliott, 2000 fellow, was selected to attend the Rutherford County Writers' Academy, 2007. Elliott teaches seventh and eighth grade writing at Rockvale Elementary School in Rockvale.

Lee Hudson, 2002 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Dyer Junior High School and Middle School Teacher of the Year for the Gibson County School District.

Katie Madden, 2004 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Peabody High School in Trenton, where she teaches English.

Brittan Sutherland, co-director and 2004 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at Martin Elementary School in Martin and selected to serve on the Tennessee Fifth Grade Writing Assessment Scoring Committee.


Central Texas Writing Project

Monica Michell, 2005 fellow, won the 2007 Texas Educational Theatre Association Playfest Contest with her play The Catfish Prince, which was showcased at the organization's convention in Houston in January. Michell is head of teacher education and certification in the department of theatre and dance at Texas State University.

West Virginia

Central West Virginia Writing Project

Barbara Holmes, director and 2003 fellow, published "Increasing Teacher Awareness of Assistive Technology through Integration into Special Education Preparation Programs," with co-authors Nancy Burton and Lisa Heaton, in Education and Information Technology Library 2006 (1). Holmes and Burton presented the article at the 2006 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications (ED-MEDIA) in Orlando, Florida.


Milwaukee Writing Project

Jim Vopat, director, published Micro Lessons in Writing (Heinemann, 2007), which offers seventy-five micro lessons on writing instruction—one lesson per page, one big idea. Micro Lessons in Writing is broken into three booklets: Big Ideas for Getting Started; Big Ideas for Revision; and Big Ideas for Editing and Publishing.

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