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NWP 2007 Summer Writing Institutes Scheduled Nationwide

Teachers Go Back to School

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BERKELEY, CA, June 18, 2007 – Teachers across the country will dedicate four weeks of their well-earned summer break immersed in professional development at the nearly 200 National Writing Project (NWP) 2007 Summer Invitational Institutes on writing. Teachers of all levels, kindergarten through college, will attend the program on the campus of their local university. With the tables turned, educators become students for the opportunity to sharpen professional skills and enrich their personal dedication to the mastery—and enjoyment—of writing.

The American public believes that good writing skills are more important than ever and teachers couldn't agree more. An overwhelming majority of citizens voiced their opinion in The 2007 Survey on Teaching Writing1, a national public opinion survey conducted by the independent research firm Belden Russonello & Stewart for the National Writing Project.

"The Summer Institute has grown to become one of the most inspiring and motivating programs for teachers that NWP does each year," commented Richard Sterling, NWP executive director. "It is an opportunity for them to refresh their teaching skills, reconnect with their academic community, and grow their knowledge of new techniques essential to the life skills of their students."

The NWP puts into practice its fundamental principle: the best teacher of a teacher is an accomplished and thoughtful colleague. Participants in the four-week institutes prepare for leadership roles by demonstrating their most effective practices, studying research, and improving their knowledge of writing by writing themselves. In addition, participants explore questions about teaching and learning related to their classroom practice in today's challenging learning environment.


The National Writing Project is the premier effort to improve writing in America. NWP sites, located on nearly 200 university campuses, serve more than 135,000 educators annually. NWP continues to add new sites each year with the goal of placing the writing project within reach of every teacher in America. Through its professional development model, NWP develops the leadership, programs, and research needed for teachers to help students become successful writers and learners.


1Belden Russonello & Stewart. 2007. The 2007 Survey on Teaching Writing: American Public Opinion on the Importance of Writing in Schools. Washington, DC: Belden Russonello & Stewart.

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