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The National Writing Project Legacy Study

By: Sela Fessehaie, Kareen Mo Yang, Linda Friedrich, Paul LeMahieu
Date: July 11, 2007

Summary: NWP's Legacy Study examines the professional experiences and contributions of those who participated in local writing project sites over the period 1974–1994. The study represents a systematic effort to assess and document the NWP's investment in teachers as educational leaders.



  • Does participation in NWP in any way sustain and retain exemplary teachers within teaching?
  • How has participation in the NWP contributed to their development as individual teachers and as leaders and professional contributors in many other ways?
  • Does participation in NWP influence teachers to expand their sphere of influence through acceptance of other leadership positions (both formal and informal) in education?
  • How do the vision and core beliefs of the NWP manifest themselves in the subsequent professional activities of participants?
  • What role has NWP played in guiding the pursuits of a generationof educational professionals so as to influence that and subsequentgenerations of educators?

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