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Why Rural Matters 2007

By: Jerry Johnson, Marty Strange
Date: October 2007

Summary: Why Rural Matters 2007, the fourth in a biennial research series by the Rural School and Community Trust, reveals new trends facing rural education—most notably an overall increase in enrollment in rural schools and an increase in rural minority students.



Rural graduation rates are below 70% in ten states, mostly in the Southeast: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. South Carolina leads the nation with the lowest rate at 55%.

In six states, less than half of all minority students in an 8th grade cohort graduated from high school five years later (Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Delaware, Georgia, and Indiana). In ten other states, the graduation rate among rural minority students was less than 60% (Nevada, Kansas, Oregon, Wyoming, North Carolina, Utah, Connecticut, Missouri, Alaska, and Alabama).

Copyright © 2007 Rural School and Community Trust. Reprinted with permission.
Johnson, Jerry, and Marty Strange. 2008. Why Rural Matters 2007: The Realities of Rural Education Growth. A report by the Rural School and Community Trust Policy Program. Arlington, VA. October, 2007.

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