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Finding a Voice in a Threaded Discussion Group: Talking about Literature Online

By: Cathie English
Publication: English Journal
Date: September 2007

Summary: English explores the use of threaded online discussions in the literature classroom. The online discussions helped high school students develop their thoughts in greater depth than they could in classroom conversations.


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The online threaded discussion group is a valuable way for teachers to give all students an opportunity to find their voices, whether writing in response to literature or someone else's writing. But perhaps it is best to conclude with what students thought of the blogs. Several of them liked the responses they received on the classroom blog because responding this way was anonymous. They also appreciated how quickly they could post their piece and receive responses. One student, Natalie, liked that she wasn't assigned a person to respond to when using the blog. She wrote, "The blog was good for World Lit. because you weren't assigned a person to respond to, and, because of the pseudonyms, you didn't often know who you were responding to. All that mattered was what you wrote or posted."

Copyright © 2007 by National Council of Teachers of English. Used with permission.
English, Cathie. 2007. "Finding a Voice in a Threaded Discussion Group: Talking About Literature Online." English Journal 97 (1): 56-61.

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