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Summary Report of National Results: Cohort III (2005-2006)

Date: January 2008

Summary: Four NWP sites conducted independent, rigorous comparative studies examining the impact of their professional development programs for teachers. Results demonstrate that the improvement of students taught by NWP-participating teachers exceeded that of students in classes whose teachers were not participants. This report summarizes these studies and identifies important learnings that derive from them.



The studies summarized in this report uniformly suggest the positive impact of the NWP programming they investigated: students in NWP teachers' classrooms experience consistent and positive results. The studies further document improvements in participating teachers' practices (documentation made possible by the increased sophistication of classroom data collection and analysis tools employed by LSRI researchers), providing evidence that differences in teaching practice can account for student outcomes. Finally, the LSRI studies confirm that NWP programs—while varied by context—maintain a commitment to high-quality professional development.

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