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Smithsonian Project Explores How Images Change Everything

Date: May 17, 2008

Summary: The Smithsonian Photography Initiative (SPI) invites participation in a new project: click! photography changes everything. NWP teacher-consultants are the first to be invited to contribute their reflections on the impact of photography and the photographic image in their lives.


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Increasingly, digital technologies support writers in developing compositions that blend word, sound, and image in powerful ways. Teaching writing, therefore, has come to involve the study of sound and image as well as text.

NWP teacher-consultants and summer institute participants are invited to contribute writing about the impact of photography in their lives to a new project of the Smithsonian Photography Initiative : click! photography changes everything . This project provides an opportunity to reflect on the history, spread, practice, and power of photography by inviting written reflections on photography to be submitted through its participatory website.

NWP colleagues are invited to be the first contributors before the project opens its door to the public. The NWP submission deadline is August 1, 2008. Sites are invited to develop writing prompts this summer and encourage summer institute participants and teacher-consultants to submit their writing.

Your Photos, Your Writing

NWP directors, teacher-consultants, summer fellows, and their students are invited to contribute their writing and images to click! in six theme categories, how photography changes:

  • who we are
  • what we do
  • what we see
  • where we go
  • what we want
  • what we remember.

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