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Through the Lens of the Family Writing Project: The Southern Nevada Writing Project’s Impact on Student Writing and Teacher Practices

By: E. Michael Nussbaum, Saralyn Lasley, Marilyn McKinney
Date: 2006

Summary: This study, which is part of NWP's Local Site Research Initiative's Cohort II, documents the effects of participation in the Family Writing Project (FWP), a family literacy program offered by the Southern Nevada Writing Project that provides opportunities for students, parents, and teachers from the highly diverse and mobile Las Vegas community to come together and write about matters important to their lives. This study is part of the NWP's Local Site Research Initiative's Cohort II.


Excerpt from Report

Prior to this study, FWP teacher-facilitators had commonly reported that leading FWPs influenced their classroom practice; however, because this evidence was largely anecdotal, it was unclear how those influences occurred and whether there was any measurable impact on students' writing performance and attitude toward writing. This project thus aimed to investigate the impact of participation in the FWP on student achievement in writing, student attitudes toward writing, and teacher practices (including teachers' approaches to teaching writing and their relationships with students and families).

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