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Evaluating IIMPaC: Teacher and Student Outcomes Through a Professional Development Program in the Teaching of Writing

By: Sheridan Blau, Anne Elrod Whitney, Rosemary H. Cabe
Date: 2006

Summary: This study, which is part of the NWP's Local Site Research Initiative's Cohort II, examined the effects of a professional development program, IIMPaC, which focuses on the teaching of writing. IIMPaC has operated for five years in partnership with low-performing schools that serve low-income populations with a substantial proportion of English language learners.


Excerpt from Report

Both program and comparison teachers taught students approaches for planning their writing. However, program teachers' approach to prewriting activities differed from their counterparts' in three ways: the range of opportunities for students to develop their own topics, the types of model writing they shared with students, and the range and adaptability of prewriting tools they shared. These practices reflect IIMPaC's emphasis on writing as a means of communication and on the importance of building students' capacity to define and develop topics and ideas in planning their writing.

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