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Writing Can Make Learning Math Personal

Publication: El Paso Times
Date: July 12, 2008

Summary: Melinda Cofield, a math teacher and teacher-consultant with the West Texas Writing Project, contends that writing should be an integral part of teaching math.


Excerpt from Article

It doesn't help that many math classes are teaching students to regurgitate what's going to be on some standardized test rather than how to think. Teaching the tricks to get the easy answer rather than trying to understand the concepts is not true learning.

Writing helps demonstrate that math is a part of our everyday lives.

Just look at our slumping economy and rising oil prices to see that we face math every day in terms of budgeting and living frugally.

Copyright © 2008 El Paso Times, a MediaNews Group Newspaper. Reprinted with permission.
Cofield, Melinda. 2008. "Writing can make learning personal." El Paso Times. July 12.

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