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Book Review: Young, Gifted, and Black: Promoting High Achievement Among African-American Students

By: Mary K. Tedrow
Publication: Teacher Magazine
Date: July 2008

Summary: After reading this collection of essays by three leading thinkers in African American education, Mary Tedrow, a teacher-consultant with the Northern Virginia Writing Project, realized that "the ideas and potential solutions embedded in this book have gone on largely unacknowledged."



African-American communities have always been able to encourage academic pursuits by the young by reminding them that freedom is rooted in literacy and that a strong literate base is necessary for the work that will achieve racial uplift, cement the community, and result in leaders who can speak for the group as a whole. These purposes are, to my knowledge, rarely overtly acknowledged by school systems.

Copyright © 2008 by Mary Tedrow. Reprinted with permission.
Tedrow, Mary. 2008. "Are American Public Schools Inherently Biased?" Teacher Magazine. July 16.

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