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Rural Educators Work to Strengthen Teaching about the Holocaust

Publication: Riverdale Press
Date: August 7, 2008

Summary: Partnering with the Holocaust Educators Network, NWP supported teacher-consultants from the Rural Sites Network to attend the Memorial Library Summer Seminar on Holocaust Education. The seminar aims to help teachers develop a comprehensive curriculum for teaching and writing about the Holocaust and other difficult issues.


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Although quick to recognize the horror of the Holocaust, Ms. Perl hopes to keep it alive in classrooms, especially those in rural America.

"Students, no matter where they live, begin to see the implications for their own lives when they learn about the dangerous potential of intolerance and racism," she said.

A consummate teacher, Ms. Perl created the Holocaust Educators Network three years ago and fashioned a yearly seminar for rural teachers like Ms. Bethune.

"Urban institutions are so well funded," she added. "We want to bring knowledge to people that wouldn't normally get it."

Copyright © 2008 The Riverdale Press. Reprinted by permission.
McNeil, Kate. 2008. "Holocaust History Brings Rural Educators to Tears." The Riverdale Press. July 17.

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