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Special Thanks to 2001 Contributors to The Voice

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 6, No. 5
Date: November-December 2001

Summary: A list of contributors to The Voice during 2001.


Margrethe Ahlschwede, director, West Tennessee Writing Project

Kathy Albertson, director, Georgia Southern Writing Project

Jon Appleby, teacher, Berwick, Maine

Marcie Flinchum Atkins, teacher-consultant, Southwest Virginia Writing Project

Judith Baker, teacher-consultant, Boston Writing Project

Barbara Bass, director, Maryland Writing Project at Towson University

Susan Bennett, director, Redwood Writing Project, California

Ian Boulton, facilitator, Centre for Social Action, Leicester, England

Kim Bridgford, Connecticut Writing Project?Fairfield

Rachel Bronwyn, teacher-consultant, San Diego Area Writing Project, California

Karen Brown, teacher-consultant, Oregon Writing Project at Eastern Oregon University

Lois Christensen, director, Florida Gulf Coast Writing Project

Ron Davis, teacher-consultant and co-director, former Central Wisconsin Writing Project

Judith Doherty, teacher-consultant, Boston Writing Project

John Dorroh, teacher-consultant, MSU Writing/Thinking Project, Mississippi

Susan Drinkard, teacher-consultant, Northwest Inland Writing Project, Idaho

Dana Dusbiber, teacher-consultant, Area 3 Writing Project, California

Christina Dushel, teacher-consultant, Maryland Writing Project at Towson University

Dorothy Franklin, teacher-consultant, Chicago Area Writing Project, Illinois

Michelle Rogge Gannon, teacher-consultant, Dakota Writing Project, South Dakota

Kathleen Ann Gonzalez, teacher-consultant, San Jose Area Writing Project, California

Dennis Goode, co-director, Southern Nevada Writing Project

James Gray, founder, National Writing Project, California

Jane Hancock, co-director, UCLA Writing Project, California

Richard Hartwell, teacher-consultant, Inland Area Writing Project, California

Jeanette Hopkins, advisory board member, Iowa Writing Project

Rebecca Kaminski, director, Upstate Writing Project, South Carolina

Barbara Kato, co-director, Chicago Area Writing Project, Illinois

Christian Knoeller, teacher-consultant, Bay Area Writing Project (now at Purdue University, Indiana)

Randy Koch, teacher-consultant, South Texas Writing Project

Jane Kurtz, director, Red River Valley Writing Project, North Dakota

Deana Lew, co-director, Boston Writing Project, Massachusetts

Ashley Martin, teacher-consultant, Northern Virginia Writing Project

Ken Martin, teacher-consultant, Maine Writing Project

Karen McComas, co-director, Marshall University Writing Project, West Virginia

Joan Melberger, teacher, Annandale High School, Virginia

Tom Meyer, director, Hudson Valley Writing Project, New York

Gayle Morgan, teacher-consultant, Swamp Fox Writing Project, South Carolina

Libbie Morley, teacher-consultant, Bluegrass Writing Project at the University of Kentucky

Wilma Ortiz, teacher-consultant, Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Ed Osterman, co-director, New York City Writing Project

Nannette Overley, teacher-consultant, Central California Writing Project

Walt Peterson, teacher-consultant, Western Pennsylvania Writing Project

Rochelle Ramay, teacher-consultant, Northern California Writing Project

Phip Ross, teacher-consultant, Nebraska Writing Project

Pauline Sahakian, director, UC Merced Writing Project, California

Mary Sawyer, director, Hudson Valley Writing Project, New York

Peter Shaheen, teacher-consultant, Oakland Writing Project, Michigan

Melanie Sperling, teacher-consultant, Bay Area Writing Project/Inland Area Writing Project, California

Sheelagh Straub, teacher-consultant, Third Coast Writing Project, Michigan

Ron Sudol, director, Meadow Brook Writing Project, Michigan

Karen Sumaryono, teacher-consultant, Western Massachusetts Writing Project

GibAnn Tam, co-director, Little Rock Writing Project, Arkansas

Joan Taylor, director, Nevada State Network

Suzanne Thompson, co-director, Mississippi State Writing/Thinking Institute state network

Lisa Ummel-Ingram, teacher-consultant, Oklahoma State University Writing Project

Patricia Wachholz, director, Florida Gulf Coast Writing Project

John Warnock, former director, Wyoming Writing Project

Jackie Wesson, teacher-consultant, Mobile Bay Writing Project, Alabama

J. Elaine White, director, Live Oak Writing Project, Mississippi

Allison Whyte, director, Sun Belt Writing Project, Alabama

Lisa Williams, director, Jacksonville State University Writing Project, Alabama

Rebecca Young, program assistant, California Writing Project state network

Wes Zeigler, teacher-consultant, Little Rock Writing Project, Arkansas

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