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Can MySpace Make Better Writers?

Publication: Miami Herald
Date: November 9, 2008

Summary: Some teachers are embracing social networking sites, text messaging, and blogs as a way to revive student interest in writing. Former NWP Executive Director Richard Sterling is quoted in the article.


Excerpt from Article

Sterling believes blogs, MySpace, Facebook, e-mail, IM and texting all have potential for improving a student's ability to write. While some critics worry about how the abbreviated nature of online and text communication ignores basic grammar and spelling rules, Sterling isn't concerned.

"Creatively abbreviated words like GR8 and issues like not capitalizing after punctuation don't worry me -- and some changes may eventually become standard," Sterling says. "Students are savvy, and they will learn to adjust the way they write to fit the audience."

Copyright © 2008 Samantha Phillips. Reprinted with permission.
Phillips, Samantha. 2008. "Can MySpace make better writers?" The Miami Herald. November 9.

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