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Florida Students Write Moving Letters to Next President

Publication: Suncoast News
Date: November 8, 2008

Summary: Most of them won't even be eligible to vote in 2012, but eighth-graders at Hudson Middle School took great interest in the just-completed presidential election. The students took part in "Letters to the Next President," a collaborative effort between the National Writing Project and Google.


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As the name implies, "Letters to the Next President" invited students ages 13 through 18 to write letters to the eventual winner of the 2008 presidential campaign. Because the letters were written while the campaign was still in progress, they were commentaries to whoever the next president is of what the most pressing issues are and what should be done about them.

Adults might be surprised at the level of awareness these pre-teens' letters show. Perhaps more disturbing is along with awareness, it is clear they feel anxiety over the issues that face our nation and have been amplified with the election.

Copyright © 2008 The Tampa Tribune. Reprinted with permission.
Lowry, Klint. 2008. "Students Write 'Letters to Next President." The Tampa Tribune Online, November 8.

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