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Can Technology Make Teens Better Writers?

Publication: MSN Encarta
Date: November 11, 2008

Summary: New technologies are broadening the types of writing students can produce and consume. This article quotes former NWP Executive Director Richard Sterling and highlights the digital storytelling work of the University of Maine Writing Project.


Excerpt from Article

In classrooms scattered across the country, students are creating blogs, video editorials, wikis, podcasts and electronic portfolios.

Several schools across Maine, with the help of the Maine Writing Project, are also tapping the power of digital storytelling, which blends images, video, audio and text to create a narrative, often one that is deeply personal to a student.

In Mitchell's classroom, students first craft their essay, go through several revisions, and then talk about the right music and images to set alongside the words they've written and will eventually record. Does this photo best represent the emotion being conveyed? Does this music choice set the right tone?


"Can Technology Make Teens Better Writers?" from MSN Encarta.

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