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Obama as Writing Role Model for Students

Publication: The Washington DC Examiner
Date: January 20, 2009

Summary: President Barack Obama's path of self-discovery through writing could lead to greater student interest in classroom writing, argues this opinion piece by a teacher-consultant with the Northern Virginia Writing Project.


Northern Virginia Writing Project teachers ask Obama about writing.

Excerpt from Article

. . . for the first time now we have a President whose writing process helped him to understand himself and his place in society.

Will having a writer as President make a difference in writing classrooms? I think it will. At a speech last summer given at a local high school, Obama was asked about his views of the National Writing Project and the role writing could play in students' lives. He responded by praising his writing experience as a process through which he was able to come to terms with uncomfortable realities in his own past, a process invaluable to his growth. His example might make classroom writing "hip."


"Obama's writing life" in the The Examiner

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