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Multiple Texts: Multiple Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

By: Laura Robb
Publication: Voices from the Middle
Date: May 2002

Summary: Robb stresses the use of multiple texts in exploring content areas so that students with varying reading skills have an opportunity for optimal learning, and all have a chance to consider a topic from multiple perspectives.


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With the varied perspectives that reading different books offered, these students discussed important ideas and discovered what they believed and valued. As the group evaluated their conversation, I noted Rachel's words because she captured the kinds of connections students can make: "The idea of slavery grew for me. I think our talk helped me see that the slavers and the men who took boys into the army had the same selfish values. I wouldn't get all that from one book by myself."

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Robb, Laura. 2008. "Multiple Texts: Multiple Opportunities for Teaching and Learning." Voices from the Middle 9 (4): 28—32

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