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Writing Very Useful Method for Learning Math, Other Subjects

Publication: El Paso Times
Date: August 15, 2008

Summary: Evangelina Rogers, a West Texas Writing Project teacher-consultant, says writing assignments such as journals, learning logs, and poetry in mathematics courses often ask students to apply currently studied concepts to concrete "real life" situations.


Excerpt from Article

Rather than asking ourselves why our children failed, we need to ask them how much writing they are doing in their class.

Due to the state standards that direct us, we educators continue to lean toward the more traditional teaching methods. As students continue to study mathematical skills the conventional way, they are taught how to work out problems and are not expected to explain, and analyze them. So are they really learning or just committing to memory?

Copyright © 2008 El Paso Times, a MediaNews Group Newspaper. Reprinted with permission.
Rogers, Evangelina. 2008. "Writing very useful method for learning math, other subjects." El Paso Times. August 15.

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