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One Approach to Guiding Peer Response

By: Kim Jaxon
Date: March 26, 2009

Summary: Kim Jaxon, a teacher-consultant with the Northern California Writing Project, describes a peer response strategy that, in addition to providing responders with focused guiding questions, allows them adequate time to draft thoughtful responses.


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When I first asked students to give feedback, they were writing immediate feedback in class. Students asked over and over again if they could have more time; based on their request, we started to give ourselves more time to read and respond thoughtfully. Now, students take the peer's draft home, read it a few times, and return the next class period to write the response. We still write the response in class, in the computer lab, but we allow some time in between class sessions to read drafts carefully.

Copyright © 2009 Kim Jaxon. Reprinted with permission.
Jaxon, Kim. 2009. "One Approach to Guiding Peer Response." Accessed March 26, 2009. Available at

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