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Steve Graham on the Importance of Learning to Write Well

Date: June 19, 2009

Summary: In the context of introducing a structure that helps those learning writing to "self-regulate," Vanderbilt University Professor Steve Graham speaks of techniques for modeling, providing feedback, and teaching peer revising, collaborative writing, and grammar. He also praises the work of the National Writing Project.


Graham discusses the work of the National Writing Project at the 10:00 minute mark in the video.


A great resource in this country is the National Writing Project. In fact, in some ways, the National Writing Project is probably, in terms of inservice preparation, the largest organization that exists in the U.S. . . . What I love about the National Writing Project's teachers is that they have an "I can do" attitude; they believe that they can be successful, they work on preparation, and they are constantly expanding the scope of what they can do. So if I had to say one thing right now, it's get involved with the National Writing Project.

Dr. Steve Graham is a professor and the Currey Ingram chair in special education at Vanderbilt University. He is the editor of Exceptional Children and the former editor of Contemporary Educational Psychology. He is the coauthor of the Handbook of Writing Research, Handbook of Learning Disabilities, Writing Better, and Making the Writing Process Work. For more, see

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