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What Data-Driven Instruction Should Really Look Like

By: Kathie Marshall
Date: June 3, 2009

Summary: Kathie Marshall argues that data-driven instruction should come from groups of teachers working together on research and using data to improve instruction—rather than having data monitored as a way of checking NCLB "compliance."


Excerpt from Article

What we don't need are more frequent benchmarks or "better" high stakes tests.... In Los Angeles Unified School District, we have content area instruction guides, pacing plans, concept lessons, periodic assessments, and even, in some cases, scripted curricula—all in the elusive search for improved student achievement. When you really think about it, these processes come at a very high price. Not only do they reinforce a mistaken idea about teachers' capabilities, they create serious roadblocks to building teacher capacity.

Copyright © 2009 by Teacher Magazine. Posted with permission.
Marshall, Kathie. 2009. "What Data-Driven Instruction Should Really Look Like." Teacher Magazine, June 3.

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