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Board of Directors Welcomes David Meyerowitz

By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 7, No. 1
Date: January-February 2002

Summary: David Meyerowitz, president and CEO of Strategic Capital Corporation in Toronto, joined the NWP Board of Directors in October.


The National Writing Project has the pleasure of announcing David Meyerowitz as the newest member of its board of directors. Meyerowitz, president and CEO of Strategic Capital Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, joined the board in October and attended his first board meeting when the entire board gathered in Washington, D.C., in December 2001.

"We're very pleased that David has agreed to serve on our board," NWP Executive Director Richard Sterling said. "His financial knowledge and expertise will be especially helpful as we work to diversify the funding sources of the writing project and develop plans to stabilize the writing project's financial future. We're looking forward to working with him."

Meyerowitz's background includes extensive real estate and financial investment experience. He began his career at a real estate development and investment company, becoming a principal whose responsibilities included finance, operations, and leasing/sales.

Meyerowitz started Strategic Capital Corporation in 1994 to pursue trading and investment of financial assets. His discovery of the niche market of discounted U.S. lottery prizes led Strategic to become one of the largest participants and financiers in the secondary private cash flow market. Since then, Strategic and its affiliates have financed over $1 billion of lottery prize payments, and Strategic has established relationships with large, blue chip, institutional investors who have purchased or financed the lottery transactions.

"I believe very strongly in writing skills. Writing is important to the ways in which we communicate," Meyerowitz said of his personal motivations for joining the board. "The better and more effectively we write, the more satisfied the writer personally feels about what he or she is trying to communicate and the more easily the audience understands the message. I am keen to play a part in raising the writing level in schools and thus society at large."

Further, Meyerowitz already has a sharp sense of where the writing project is and where it needs to be. "Through a lot of hard work, the National Writing Project has put the personnel and infrastructure in place to increase the impact it has on American schools, but it needs more money to do so," he said. "I hope to assist the organization in its efforts to successfully increase its funding and thereby increase its effectiveness."

The addition of Meyerowitz brings the board of directors roster to 13 members, including chair Dan Boggan Jr., Michele Drake, Ricardo Fernández, Don Gallehr, James Gray, George Haley, Augusta Souza Kappner, Donald McQuade, Denise Patmon, William Russell, Richard Sterling, and Vanessa Whang. Board members meet as a group twice a year, and communicate with NWP leadership on an individual basis throughout the year.

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