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Please, Don't Commit 'Readicide'

Date: December 18, 2009

Summary: This editorial from the Charleston Gazette supports Kelly Gallagher's book Readicide in which he describes ways schools practice the "systematic killing of the love of reading." Gallagher was co-director of the former South Basin Writing Project at California State University Long Beach.


Excerpt from Article

Children who enjoy reading do it for pleasure. Children who read for pleasure get better at it. Good readers do better in school and on tests. Students who do well in school go further. The further you go in education, the more employable you are and the more money you make. More education and higher income even lead to better health.

Copyright © 2009 The Charleston Gazette. Reprinted with permission.
Miller, Dawn. 2009. "Please, don't commit 'readicide.'" The Charleston Gazette. August 28.

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