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California English Celebrates the California Writing Project

Date: February 10, 2010

Summary: The November 2009 issue of California English magazine paid tribute to the California Writing Project's 35th anniversary by showcasing the work of California Writing Project teachers—and the many ways they demonstrate that successful teachers are the best teachers of teachers.


Improving Students' Academic Writing: Developing New Knowledge about Teaching and Assessing for Improvement
By Jayne Marlink
Jayne Marlink, who directs the California Writing Project, details how an assessment regimen known as "forced choice" gave assessors the language to name the improvements readers experienced when comparing pre- and post- test essays.

Homage to the California Writing Project
By Marek Breiger
Marek Breiger, a teacher-consultant with the Bay Area Writing Project, describes how since 1982 his experience with the writing project has anchored his belief in the teaching of creative nonfiction and provided strategies to support this teaching.

When Teachers Read: How the Writing Project Made Me a Lifelong Learner
By Liz Harrington
Liz Harrington, a fellow of the UC Irvine Writing Project, describes how she brought Nicenet into her classroom, providing students with a tool to engage in a "threaded discussion."

Working Together
By Cathy Cirimele
Cathy Cirimele, a teacher-consultant with the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project, narrates the fears, sorrows, joys, and benefits of participating in a summer institute writing group after 25 years as a writing teacher who had never been critiqued.

One Time at Writing Camp
By Sam Patterson
Sam Patterson, a teacher-consultant with the San Diego Writing Project, conjectures about the ways that working in his writing project site's Young Writers Camp has helped him learn practices of value in his classroom teaching.

Culture of Collaboration: The Writing Project's Role Across the Segments
By Deborah Lapp
Teacher-consultant Deborah Lapp describe the benefits of an across-the-curriculum writing project–facilitated workshop as high school teachers and facilitators collaboratively examine ways to transition writers from high school to college.

Redefining Text, Redefined Me
By Belinda Foster
Belinda Foster, a teacher-consultant with the Area 3 Writing Project (CA), connects her experience as a person living with ADHD to a teaching style that recognizes the strengths of every student and encourages varied ways of building on those strengths.

That's Right. Thirty-Six Hours.
By Diana Jiménez and Diane Shaw
Two Merced Area Writing Project teacher-consultants outline the content of their Migrant Summer Young Writers Academy, which had as its goal to motivate and provide direction toward academic success for these mostly English language learners.

Teaching Labs and Teacher-Leaders
By Michael Weller
Michael Weller, a teacher-consultant with the Los Angles Writing Project, details the multifaceted opportunities the writing project has provided him: a chance to teach in a young writers camp, a classroom focused on writing workshop principles, and a role as a faculty leader.

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