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By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 7, No. 1
Date: January-February 2002

Summary: Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications


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Central California Writing Project

Susan Freeman, co-director and 1993 fellow, co-authored the article, "Restoring Balance: A Chronology of the Development and Uses of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession," published in Teacher Education Quarterly (California Council on the Education of Teachers, winter 2001). Freeman also co-authored California Standards for the Teaching Profession (1997).

Inland Area Writing Project

Elizabeth Bennett, 2001 fellow, received honorable mention for her poem, "Meeting Winter," in Byline Magazine, to be noted in a forthcoming issue.

Phyllis Dinwiddie, past co-director and 1991 fellow, had her poem, "Word Sense," published in Once Upon A Time magazine (winter 2001).

San Joaquin Valley Writing Project

Laurie Goodman, 1995 fellow and associate director, received the American Literacy Corporation Award for Excellence in Teaching at the California Reading Association Convention in November.

Patty Lehman, 1994 fellow, received the Golden Bell Award from the California School Board Association for her K-12 Literacy Teaching Institute. Lehman serves as the language arts coordinator for the Fresno County Office of Education.

Linda Chan Rapp, 2000 fellow, coordinated and edited the booklet, "Light at the End of the Tunnel: Reflections From Parents Whose Child with Down Syndrome was Diagnosed Before Birth." The photo shoot for the booklet was included in a documentary aired in Japan.

Susan Schauwecker, 1993 fellow, contributed a chapter, "A Twelfth Grade Reading Class for Struggling Readers," to the book, Teaching Reading in High School English Classes, edited by Bonnie O. Ericson (National Council of Teachers of English, 2001).

Carol Stone, 1996 fellow, published Read and Write Across America, a teacher resource book (Creative Teaching Press, March 2002).

The writing project site recently published the book, Creative Vocabulary, edited by Cathy Blanchfield, 1986 fellow and associate director. The book contains over forty lesson plans that address the teaching of vocabulary.

San Jose Area Writing Project

Dawn Chase, 1978 fellow, had two articles, "Sustained Silent Reading in the High School English Class" (December 2000) and "Preventing/Minimizing/Handling Disruptions: Basics of Classroom Management" (April 2001) published in California English, the journal of the California Association of Teachers of English. A former high school English teacher, Chase works with the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) and the San José State Teacher Education Program.

Mariana Figueroa, 1996 fellow, had an article, "Coffee, Great-Grandpa and Me" published in the San José Mercury News (9/29/01). Figueroa received the Oak Grove School District Exemplary Staff Vision Award from the San José Mercury News for her Dr. Suess Read-In outstanding program, in which local celebrities come to read to the Christopher School students. Figueroa continues to teach first grade and is part of the Oak Grove School District Literacy Collaborative.

Jay Richards, 1998 fellow, received the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification on November 20, 2001. Richards is an English/language arts teacher at Miller Middle School in the Cupertino Union School District.

UC Irvine Writing Project

Maureen Rippee, 1988 fellow, was recently honored as the Long Beach and Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year 2001-2002.


Connecticut Writing Project - Fairfield

James Wade D'Acosta published three articles in Best Practices for High School Classrooms, edited by Randi Stone (Corwin Press, 2001).


Delaware Writing Project

The following fellows have earned National Board Certification: Deirdra Aikens, 2001 fellow; Michael Boyd, 1999 fellow; Jo Anne Deshon, 2000 fellow; Stephanie DeWitt, 1999 fellow; Patty Kopay, 2001 fellow; Sherry Geesaman, 2001 fellow; and Marilyn Morgan, 1998 fellow.

Jo Anne Deshon, 2000 fellow, received the Maryland Bank of North America (MBNA) Excellence in Education Grant entitled "Know Your History." The grant enables Deshon to integrate history, language arts, and the arts for 125 third-graders at Downes Elementary School.


Georgia Southern Writing Project

Kathy Albertson, director and 1996 fellow, and Mary Marwitz, co-director and 1996 fellow, wrote an article about their experience with basic writers, "The Silent Scream: Students Negotiating High-Stakes Writing Assessment," published in the December 2001 issue of Teaching English in the Two-Year College.

Also for Mary Marwitz: she and Alison Morrison-Shetlar had their book of teaching tips, Teaching Creatively: Ideas in Action, published in fall 2001 (Outernet Publishing).

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project

Barbara Lipe, 1995 fellow, had her review of the new Public Broadcasting Station drama, "The Ponder Heart," published on the Exxon Mobil Masterpiece Theatre's American Collection Educator's Site at Lipe teaches at Alexander High School in Douglas County.


Hawai`i Writing Project

Aileen Dang, 2000 fellow, was named Honolulu District Teacher of the Year. Dang is a teacher at Kalakaua Middle School.

Anna Sumida, 1985 fellow and co-director, co-authored with four colleagues the book, Elevating Expectations: A New Take on Accountability, Achievement, and Evaluation (Heinemann). Sumida is outreach specialist at Kamehameha Schools.


Iowa Writing Project

Paul Donaldson, 1995 fellow, had his paper, "Occasional Paper 10: Two Chapters About Learning to Teach Writing in the Elementary Classroom," published by the Iowa Writing Project (IWP). Donaldson is a fourth grade teacher at Penn Elementary School in the Iowa City School District. IWP occasional papers are available through the site director at a nominal cost.


Kansas Writing Project

Gerri Hilger, 2000 fellow, had an essay, "Everything I Wish I Had Learned During Teacher Education Classes and Could Not Have Asked," published in the spring 2001 issue of Kansas English, 86 (1). Hilger teaches communications arts at Buhler High School in Buhler.


Louisville Writing Project

The following fellows earned National Board Certification in November: Amy Cordrey, 1998 fellow; Emilee Morgan, 1999 fellow; Laura Greer, 2000 fellow; Susan Rose, 2000 fellow; and Angela Simpson, 2001 fellow.

Susan Rose was a finalist for Kentucky Teacher of the Year 2001.


Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project

The classroom website, "Golden Graham," created by 1997 fellow Shannon Graham, has won several awards including the Golden Web Award 2001-2002, the Nu-Horizans Studio's Education Award of Excellence, and the Pegasus Award. Log on at


Eastern Michigan Writing Project

The Livonia Process Writing Team received the Team Effort Award from the Board of Education on October 15. The team includes the following fellows: Julie King, 1995; Kerri Hurford, 1998; Tesha Thomas, 1997; Barb Webster, 2000; Sunshine Weber, 2000; Jen Dallacqua, 1997; Linda Minsterman, 1999; Karen Reed-Nordwall, 1999; and Michele Richmond, 1998.

Dawn Putnam, 1997 fellow, received the High School Honorable Mention of the Paul and Kate Farmer Writing Award for her article on reflection. The award recognizes outstanding articles published during the previous school year in English Journal. Putnam will be recognized at the Secondary Luncheon at the National Council of Teachers of English Fall Conference.

Red Cedar Writing Project

Marianne Peel Forman, 1998 fellow and advisory board member, had eight of her poems published in Ophelia's Mom: Women Speak Out About Loving and Letting Go of Their Adolescent Daughters edited by Nina Shandler, Ed.D. (New York, NY: Crown Publishers, 2001).


MSU Writing/Thinking Project

Renee Moore received the Milken National Educator Award. Moore was also named Mississippi Teacher of the Year 2001. Moore is an English teacher and curriculum specialist for North Bolivar School District.

Malinda Burke and Cynthia Wilkins, 2001-2002 Writing as Art and Craft participants, were recognized as members on the fourth annual All-USA Teacher First Team. The two received trophies and $2,500 for their school. Burke and Wilkins teach seventh- and eighth-graders at Northwest Rankin Middle School.


Nebraska Writing Project

Cathie English, 1997 fellow, had her narrative, "Humble Pie," published in Pilaf, Pozole, and Pad Thai: American Women and Ethnic Food, edited by Sherrie A. Inness (University of Massachusetts Press, 2001). English teaches at Aurora Public in Aurora.

Brenda Klawonn, 2001 fellow, received a National Endowment for the Arts Foundation for Improvement in Education grant for her unit on the Homestead Act with colleagues at her former school, Spalding Public School. Klawonn now teaches at Aurora Public in Aurora.

Brenda Klawonn and Cathie English won the Don Cameron Award for middle school social science for their writing-intensive cross-curricular project. Klawonn and English traveled to Washington, D.C., for the awards ceremony on December 6, 2001.

New Jersey

National Writing Project at Rutgers University

Angela Bodino, co-director, and Dorothy Strickland had an article, "Teaching Writing in a Time of Reform," published in The Elementary School Journal 101(4), edited by Anne Haas Dyson (University of Chicago Press, March 2001).


Oklahoma State University Writing Project

Britton Gildersleeve, 1996 fellow and acting director, had her article, "Maternal Ancestry, Female Spaces, and Spiritual Synthesis in Elizabeth Ashbridge's `Account,' " published in Early American Literature 36 (3).

South Carolina

Lowcountry Writing Project

Minerva King, 2001 fellow, had her story, "Minerva's Tale," published in the book, Sitting Up with the Dead, by Pamela Petro (Flamingo: London, 2001, pp. 195-203). King will be a featured storyteller at the annual meeting of the South Carolina Council of Teachers of English in January of 2002. King is media specialist at St. John's High School.


West Tennessee Writing Project

Paula Cox, co-director, has been appointed to the State Board of Education Advisory Council on Teacher Education and Certification. Cox teaches third grade at Briarwood School in Camden.

Beth Halbert, 2000 fellow, had her essay, "Unloading the Excess Baggage: A Teacher's Story," published in the winter 2001 issue of The Quarterly of the National Writing Project, 23 (1). Halbert teaches 12th grade English at Mount Juliet High School.

Beth Halbert; Mary Lou Marks, 1995 fellow; Tim Hacker, 2000 fellow; and Margrethe Ahlschwede, director, were presenters at the Tennessee Council of Teachers of English Annual Meeting on September 21–22, 2001, in Chattanooga.

Kathy Johnson, 1996 fellow, received the Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence in Memphis City Schools. Johnson teaches third grade at Brownsville Road Elementary School.

Mary Lou Marks and Diana Griffin, 2001 fellow, received the Distinguished Classroom Teacher Award from the Tennessee Education Association and were honored in Nashville in April 2001. Marks is a librarian at Camden Central High School, and Griffin is a fourth grade teacher at Dresden Elementary.

Linda Montgomery, 1998 fellow; Kay Griffin, 1997 fellow; and Mary Lou Marks were members of the TCAP Writing Assessment Scoring Committee Spring 2001. Montgomery is the English Department chair at Henry County High School.

Linda Speer, 2000 fellow, had her essay, "Beatrix Potter Meets Julia Child," published in the October 2001 issue of Tennessee English Journal. Speer is a retired high school English teacher from the Crockett County School System.

Jenna Wright, 2001 fellow, had her poem, "Old Friend," published in the fall issue of the Tennessee Writers Alliance newsletter. Wright is on the faculty in the English department at the University of Tennessee at Martin.


South Texas Writing Project

Glynis Christine, 2001 fellow, won second place for her short story, "The Call," in the WomanSpace Ninth Annual Poetry and Short Story Contest. The story will be published in the organization's quarterly journal. Christine will also read the story to commemorate World AIDS Day on the Texas Public Radio station in San Antonio.


Puget Sound Writing Project

Janine Brodine, 2000 fellow, has published her book, Missing Pieces: Memoirs of W.W.II (Timekeeper Stories, 2000). Brodine is a teacher at Franklin High School, Seattle.

Linda J. Clifton, director and 1981 fellow, had her poetry published in a county arts program, "Poetry on the Bus," by King County Metro, the county bus system.

Susan Haris, 1987 fellow and past co-director, was invited to be a visiting faculty member this summer at Jyvaskyla University in Jyvaskyla, Finland. Haris will teach Finnish teachers in a week-long institute on teacher research.

Gary Plano, 1997 fellow, received the Special Award 2000 from the Washington Library Media Association. Plano is executive director of Instructional Services in the Kent School District.

Douglas Selwyn, 1997 fellow, and Tarry Lindquist co-authored Social Studies at the Center: Integrating Kids, Content, and Literacy, edited by William Varner (Heinemann, 2000). Selwyn is a faculty member at Antioch University, Seattle.

Debbie Womelsduff, 2001 fellow, wrote "Instant Dramas," to be published by Group Publishing's FW Friends series.

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