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Nine Years Later, A Dream Becomes Reality

Publication: The Baltimore Sun
Date: May 6, 2010

Summary: Nine years after middle school students in teacher Kristina Berdan's class first conceptualized it, they're getting their "Dream House" for after-school programs. Berdan is a teacher-consultant with the Maryland Writing Project.


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Kristina Berdan had only been teaching a few years when, in 2001, she created a community action elective at Waverly's Stadium School. The former ballerina was fresh off a social action workshop and eager to try some things out on the only nine kids in school who chose her class over basketball, art or African drums.

She challenged them to think of a project that could change their world. When they started talking about a youth center, she tried to gently rein them in — she wanted them to pick a project they could actually complete. Clearly, this wasn't it.

But the kids wouldn't budge. And signed the pledge to prove it, vowing patience, courage and perseverance in their endeavor, as if, alive for barely a decade, they had any idea what those words even meant.

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