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NWP Radio — Writing in the Summer Institute: Foundational Practice and Emergent Opportunities

Date: April 8, 2010

Summary: Writing and reflecting on writing are at the core of the summer institute model. But what does that mean in practice? In this episode of NWP Radio, site leaders talk about how they are thinking about writing in their institutes, including with online tools such as the E-Anthology.


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What happens in the writing groups is that people are asked to contend with one another in the space of writing. So there are steps in the transformation, taking the plunge and deciding that you are going to be willing to write and share in the group, giving yourself permission to take risks, letting go of the embarrassment we have of our writing not being good enough or of us not being smart enough, and then elementary and secondary and college teachers being willing to share with one another and getting over some of the divides between them.

Once that trust is formed through risk taking in writing groups, people find they can try on new roles and new stances and get reactions from other people in the group.

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