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NWP Radio — Inservice at NWP Sites in 2010

Date: May 13, 2010

Summary: In this episode of NWP Radio we invite you to join a discussion among NWP site leaders about approaches to planning for work in schools in the current climate.


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The Inservice Institute is a time for sites to come together and share ideas about inservice and to delve into that inquiry of inservice. What's the most relevant thing that they could be doing?

It gives time for the sites to reflect on their current business plan, to observe other models of inservice in a way not only to build capacity, but also leadership at the site in terms of inservice.

It provides a space for site leaders to visit and revisit and revise the plan to make that inservice work more relevant, a time to think about what are the connections between inservice, the invitational summer institute, and continuity at the site, and how do those three components work together to create a cohesive site work?

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