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Teachers Must Be Confident with Technology to Effectively Employ It in Their Lessons

By: Paul Epstein
Publication: College Board Advocacy & Policy Center
Date: March 27, 2010

Summary: Epstein argues that teachers who use technology must have a familiarity with the tools of the new media. He suggests that the NWP model of teachers teaching teachers be put to work toward this end.


Excerpt from Article

In the 23 years I have taught in West Virginia elementary schools, many students have benefited tremendously from computers, but I've also seen many computers sitting unused in the backs of classrooms or used for games and activities with limited educational value. Though teachers receive some training in using the hardware and software, from what I've seen, few integrated these powerful tools into their everyday lessons."

Copyright © 2010 by The College Board. Posted with permission.
Epstein, Paul. 2010. "Teachers Must Be Confident With Technology to Effectively Employ It in Their Lessons." College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, March 27. Available at

About the Author Paul Epstein is a reading writing and technology teacher at Ruffner Elementary School, Charleston, WV. He is co-director of the Central West Virginia Writing Project and co-director of the Rural Sites Network leadership team. He is one of the teachers profiled in the College Board publication "Teachers Are the Center of Education: Writing, Learning and Leading in the Digital Age."

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