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Teacher Inquiry for Equity: Collaborating to Improve Teaching and Learning

By: Linda Friedrich, Marilyn McKinney
Publication: Language Arts
Date: March 2010

Summary: This article argues that while inquiry is a necessary tool for focusing on learning, collaborative structures are essential if this work is to be focused on equity and improving learning for underserved students.


Excerpt from Article

On the one hand, establishing appropriate levels of respect, honesty, and commitment to equity within a group supports teachers as they rise to the challenge of examining why students fail and how their own beliefs, assumptions, and practices may contribute to patterns of inequity. On the other hand, norms may dampen frank and difficult discussions that need to occur in order to change practice and improve student learning."

Copyright © 2010 by the National Council of Teachers of English. Posted with permission.
Friedrich, Linda, and Marilyn McKinney. 2010, March. "Teacher Inquiry for Equity: Collaborating to Improve Teaching and Learning." Language Arts 87 (4): 241-251.

About the Authors Linda Friedrich is director of research and evaluation for the National Writing Project. Marilyn McKinney is a professor of literacy education at University of Nevada Las Vegas and director of the Southern Nevada Writing Project.

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