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NWP Radio — After The Summer Institute, What's Next?

Date: August 12, 2010

Summary: This episode of NWP Radio features a discussion of how teacher-consultants can connect to NWP through online opportunities and national events after the invitational summer institute.


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For our listeners who would be interested in following things more frequently, or participating, tell us a little bit about some of the other opportunities out there that are a little bit more participatory for people."

"Let's see, Facebook is such a huge platform, it's a space where we know many, many teachers situate themselves, and it's a space in which teachers and our teacher-consultants stay connected to other people personally and professionally. We have a Facebook page, so we have a presence where you can track items published to our website. It is not super interactive, although it's a great way to stay up to date during those periods between when the E-Voice comes out.

I would say another space where a lot of our teacher-consultants have been gravitating towards lately is Twitter. And we have an article that was just published that looks at tweeting in the summer institute and beyond, and I think that's a really interesting treatment of this phenomenon in which . . . summer institute participants have really been able to connect with one another. And then teachers across these various summer institutes across the country as they were happening were able to connect with one another. So I think that's a really interesting look at what I would describe as a growing phenomenon."

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