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NWP Radio — Making the Most of the 2010 NWP Annual Meeting

Date: September 9, 2010

Summary: The Annual Meeting, held every year in November, is the largest NWP gathering of the year. As sites begin to prepare for the 2010 meeting in Orlando, listen to some of the highlights and learn how site leaders plan ahead to make the most of this annual continuity opportunity.


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When you're part of the summer institute, you think that's all there is, you're a part of that, you love it, but when you go to that [Annual] Meeting you say, 'Oh my goodness.'

You finally get the big picture of what the National Writing Project's all about. You're connected with people across the nation who have the same goals as you, and I think sometimes you can get isolated in the school, but that Annual Meeting is so powerful.

... I remember one of our TCs who was working on his thesis in regards to Smartboards, and he was going to put teacher inquiry into it, and I said 'Oh I know who you need to talk to, this cohort of teacher-inquirers from Nevada.' And so we talked at dinner and he was able to really formulate his thesis and I think that opportunity to share and connect with sites across the nation is so powerful.

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