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NWP Radio — Parents as Partners in Literacy Education

Date: August 26, 2010

Summary: Two new books by Writing Project colleagues push us to think anew about the role that families can play in powerful literacy education. Listen to Lynne Strieb, author of Inviting Families Into the Classroom, and JoBeth Allen, author of Literacy in the Welcoming Classroom.


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HOST: Just thinking about . . . all our listeners who are opening schools right now, going back to school, and beginning to engage the families of their students. If you were to have them take something away from the book, some last thoughts, what would that be?

LYNNE YERMANOCK STRIEB: One is, I'd really like to encourage teachers to think of everyday ways of including families in their classrooms. Now I don't know if it's possible in schools anymore, with security problems, but in my book there's a six-page list and an appendix at the end of the book that shows over the course of my 31 years the variety of ways in which parents were included. And I think it could be a very helpful starting point for people, things you might not have thought of.

The second thing is I really encourage teachers to keep journals, to keep notes from parents, to keep notes they write to parents, memos from principals, homework. They should save lots of papers ... because then when they want to write about their teaching, they'll have everything they need, and the world really needs to hear teacher's stories.

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