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The Web as a Tool for Continuity

By: Evan Nichols, Carol Tateishi, Sonnet Farrell, Tom McKenna, Sondra Porter
Date: October 2010

Summary: This monograph illustrates how the Web can be used effectively to facilitate continuity opportunities at sites. It details the Bay Area Writing Project's ezine, Digital Paper, and the Alaska State Writing Consortium's Virtual Open Institute.


This monograph describes how the Bay Area Writing Project and the Alaska State Writing Consortium utilize the varied and adaptable resources available on the Internet to support site goals. Bay Area's development of an ezine, Digital Paper, is one of the extensions of its long-standing Teachers as Writers continuity program, and Alaska's development of their Virtual Open Institute grows out of their ongoing use of the Internet for professional development in a challenging geographic area.

Both sites are continuing to learn what it means to engage teachers in professional development that involves the Internet. In their accounts, they reflect on what is needed to provide ongoing leadership development in Web-based professional development.

As more Writing Project sites turn to the Internet to deliver communications more economically, to provide professional development for time-starved teachers, and to develop leadership, the experiences of these two sites provide examples of how the Web can be used to draw on the skills of Writing Project teachers and to extend the reach of the site.

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